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Expert Water Heater and HVAC Services in Waukee, IA by Schaal Plumbing, Heating and Cooling

Is it time to upgrade to a more efficient hot water heater? Is your heater making a sound you can’t identity? Have you had enough of trying to cool your home with AC window units during our hot summers? Then it’s time to call Schaal Plumbing, Heating and Cooling.

It isn’t often that you can get reliable, professional, expert service from a single company for your heating, cooling and hot water needs, but that is exactly who we are and who we’ve been for almost 70 years. All of our technicians are NATE-certified and we offer every customer not one but nine guarantees for all of our work. Our experts will arrive at your home dressed professionally in our standard uniform, and we’ll keep your home clean with booties and our Clean House Guarantee. There’s no need to put yourself or your systems at risk by attempting DIY work when our experts are only a phone call away!

The experts at Schaal Plumbing, Heating and Cooling are here for all of your heating, cooling and hot water needs in Waukee!

Are You Ready to Install Whole Home Air Conditioning?

Our summer weather can be oppressive, and one of the best ways to handle the heat is with whole home cooling. If you already have a whole house air conditioning system, or are planning to install a brand new system, you want to call experts you can count on. We are those experts, and not only are our pros NATE-certified, each one brings our collective 70 years’ worth of experience to every job. If this is your first air conditioning system, we’ll walk you through the entire installation process from beginning to end. If you need expert repair or maintenance, we’ll make sure your system is repaired correctly the first time and works optimally.

Interested in Ductless Air Conditioning?

Ductless air conditioning has enabled homeowners to have whole house cooling whether or not they have ductwork. But gaining the benefits a ductless system has to offer is highly dependent on expert installation, care and service, and this is where our pros come in. Contact us for details.

We Offer Comprehensive Heat Pump Services

Are you considering the use of a heat pump in your home, or have one that needs the care only a trained professional can provide? Then we are the company to call! We offer comprehensive heat pump services that include installation, repair, maintenance and replacement.

Schaal Plumbing, Heating and Cooling Installs and Services Thermostats

The thermostat in your home is the control center for your heating and cooling. As such, it only makes sense to have the best type of thermostat. We install new thermostats, replace outdated ones and repair existing ones that aren’t functioning properly.

Call Schaal Plumbing, Heating and Cooling for All Your Heating Service Needs

We’ve all had that experience of waiting for a heating technician to show up who never does, or shows up and doesn’t do the job correctly. This will never be the case when you hire a heating specialist from Schaal Plumbing, Heating and Cooling. Our experts will arrive on time, be dressed professionally and have the training and expertise to handle any heating issue. We offer comprehensive services that include installation, repair, maintenance and replacement, and we offer these services for a wide range of system types and brands. Have an emergency? Just give us a call and we’ll dispatch someone right away.

Is It Time for a New Furnace?

If you use a furnace to heat your home, you know how formidable a unit a furnace is. Combustion heating systems are very safe to operate, but for any work - installation, repair, maintenance or replacement - they should only be handled by experts like ours. When you need help with your furnace just give us a call.

Do Use a Radiant Heating System?

Do you use radiant heating in your home, or are interested in possibly installing one? We can help with all of your radiant heating needs, from choosing the type of radiant heat you’d like to repairing a malfunctioning part of your system. There are a number of choices to be made with a radiant system, and we are here to help guide you as needed.

Is Your Indoor Air Quality Lacking?

Walking into a stuffy room or a poorly ventilated one can be just as uncomfortable as walking into one that is too hot or too cold. The good news is that the indoor air quality experts at Schaal Plumbing, Heating and Cooling are here to help with all of your needs. Even if you aren’t sure why the indoor air in your living spaces isn’t at the quality you want and need it to be, we can help. Our experts will diagnose your problem then provide guidance on the right components to add to your existing HVAC system for optimal, whole home treatment. Are you already taking advantage of indoor air quality equipment? Let us keep them in great shape with expert repair and replacement services.

We Install and Service Whole Home Dehumidifiers

It’s no secret that we get very humid during the summer, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer with excess humidity in your home. The pros at Schaal Plumbing, Heating and Cooling can install a whole house dehumidifier that will remove the excess moisture, making it cool and dry inside your home all summer long.

Call Schaal Plumbing, Heating and Cooling When You Need Help with Your Humidifier

Our winters aren’t just bitterly cold, they can also be excessively dry. And when you add heat to dry air, as will happen during the winter, you can end up with humidity that is too low. A whole house dehumidifier can take care of the low humidity in your home by working in concert with your existing heating system to add much-needed moisture to your indoor air. Contact us for details.

Clean Your Air with an Air Purifier System

Are you experiencing issues with unhealthy air? Do you have allergy sufferers in your home who are struggling every time your HVAC system turns on? Then it is time to see what an air purifier can do for your home in Waukee. Our experts offer installation, repair, maintenance and replacement services.

Plumbing in Waukee, IA

If you think that you only need a professional plumber in Waukee, IA, for "major" jobs, think again. Yes, our plumbers are here to repipe your entire home when that is necessary. However, we also do everything from drain cleaning to sump pump installations, as well. So whether you’re faced with a true plumbing emergency or you need to revamp your bathroom and kitchen plumbing system, ours is the number to dial. Count on our plumbers!

Have Problems with Your Hot Water Heater?

Most homeowners stay pretty unaware of their hot water heaters until something goes wrong. It can be tempting to try and see what the issue is, but unless you really know what you are doing, it’s best to call experts like ours. We specialize in heat pump hot water heaters, tank and tankless hot water heaters. Our pros can install a new unit, replace a failing one, or make sure your existing hot water heater runs optimally. Homeowners today have a lot of choices when it comes to installing and using a hot water heater, and the experts at Schaal Plumbing, Heating and Cooling are here to help with all of your hot water heater needs!

We Can Help with All Your Tankless Water Heater Needs

Tankless water heaters may not look that big, but don’t mistake their smaller size as making them less technical. These types of hot water heaters are actually more complicated to install and service than tank water heaters. If you have a tankless system, or are planning to install one, call Schaal Plumbing, Heating and Cooling for expert help for all your tankless water heater services.

Schaal Plumbing, Heating and Cooling Specializes in Geothermal Services

If you are looking to have a geothermal system installed at your home you’ve come to the right place. We can also repair, maintain or replace your existing geothermal systems. Geothermal systems are unlike any other type of HVAC system, so it is critical to your comfort and needs to work with HVAC specialists who have experience working on these types of systems. Our NATE-certified experts have years of experience with geothermal systems, and can help you with all of your geothermal needs - just give us a call and let our helpful staff schedule you an appointment.

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