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Des Moines, IA Water Heater Services

No home operates without hot water, at least not willingly, and the experts at Schaal Plumbing, Heating and Cooling are here to help make sure you don’t ever have to do this. How? By offering comprehensive, professional hot water services like water heater repair in Des Moines, along with maintenance, replacements and installations. You may be worried that our technicians aren’t up on the latest types of hot water heaters. This is never the case when you call us. We’ve been around for 70 years, and that affords us the opportunity to be experts at traditional systems like storage tank hot water heaters, but also means we install and service newer types of systems like tankless and heat pump hot water heaters. The best news is that we bring this 70 years of experience to you with every job, so if you are in need of hot water heater services in Des Moines, contact us today!

Call Schaal Plumbing, Heating and Cooling for trusted hot water heater services in Des Moines, IA and the surrounding areas.

We’ll Help You Properly Size Your Hot Water Heater

It may be surprising to you, but a lot of reasons why we get calls about hot water heaters in the first place is because at initial installation a homeowner’s particular hot water heater was not properly sized. Of course, this isn’t what the call is for. Typically the call is for water heater repair or replacement in Des Moines, and we find once we get there that the malfunction, breakdown or need for repair is due to having a hot water heater that was never the right size for the home. When you work with us right from the beginning, this will never be an issue because we take the time to size every single hot water heater we install or replace. And sizing goes for all hot water heaters, not just storage tank water heaters. Tankless units and heat pump hot water heaters also need to be properly sized, and we can help with these, too.

When Is It Time to Call for Water Heater Repair?

Many homeowners wait until their hot water heaters breakdown completely before calling for repair help. Some aren’t aware of the signs and others aren’t sure if there’s really a problem. Waiting for a complete breakdown of your hot water heater can make for a more costly repair bill, so here are some signs to stay aware of to get ahead of water heater repair in your Des Moines home:

  • Strange noises – hot water heaters are not noisy appliances. At most you should hear a burner being ignited. If you are hearing more than this, it’s time to call for an expert.
  • Tepid water – there are a few reasons why your hot water heater is generating only tepid water and not hot water. Give our experts a call so we can diagnose and repair the issue.
  • Odors – smells should never emit from the unit itself, and if you are experiencing a rotten egg smell coming specifically from your hot water, you’ll need a professional to flush out your hot water heater.

The hot water heater experts from Schaal Plumbing, Heating and Cooling are here to help with all your hot water needs in Des Moines and beyond – call us today!

We Service Heat Pump Water Heaters, Tank and Tankless Water Heaters in Des Moines

Are you interested in using a heat pump hot water heater? Then you’ve come to the right place! We install, replace, repair and maintain heat pump hot water heaters throughout Des Moines. We can help you get a hybrid heat pump hot water heaters that operates at less than $.60 / day! According to, a heat pump water heater requires at least 1,000 cubic feet of space around the unit, so this option may not be available for you. 

When most people think of hot water heaters, they think of a storage tank type. Today’s tank hot water heaters are the most efficient yet, as new regulations and better design have recently come into effect. We specialize in gas and electric storage tank hot water heaters, and can help you with installation, repair, replacement or annual maintenance.

Tankless hot water heaters have become very popular among Des Moines homeowners, but knowing whether or not a tankless unit is a good fit for your home is best decided with a trained expert. If you do decide to move forward with installation, make sure it is with a pro who knows how to correctly install these types of units. We can also make sure your existing tankless system works as needed with excellent repair and maintenance services.

To learn more about us, or to read why we’re the preferred contractor for water heater services in Des Moines, give us a call today. You’ll quickly understand why residents trust us for all of their heating, air conditioning, and water heater needs!

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