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For the next week we all will experience temperatures and wind chills that our homes' heating systems are NOT designed for. Below zero temperatures over a long period of time with wind chills into -20+. 

Newer homes will struggle to maintain temperature and older homes will NOT maintain temperature and the temperature WILL drop while the heating system is working at full capacity. 

1. Please raise the temperature in your home, 2 to 4 degrees above your normal setting.

2. Take all programmable thermostats out of setback mode and set on a permanent HOLD.

3. If you have a furnace; replace the filter.

4. Keep garage doors closed.

5. Limit opening exterior doors.

6. Make sure air vents and radiators are not blocked or obstructed.

7. If you have a 90%+ furnace and boiler: You must keep the intake and exhaust clear of ice and snow. During these cold temperatures, ice can build up. A 90%+ furnace and boiler have 2 white PVC pipes; an exhaust pipe and an intake pipe that are generally on the side or back of your home. In some instances, they are on your roof, do NOT go on your roof to clear the pipe. 

If the temperature in your home is dropping and your radiators are HOT with boiler systems or you have HOT air coming out of your vents with furnaces DO NOT PANIC. Please make sure that your heating system continues to operate. 

Our priority will be to people without heat during these dangerously extreme temperatures.  We appreciate your understanding and patience if your system is heating, but not quite keeping up within a few degrees. 

If the temperatures drop in your home, it will not be able to recover until temperatures rise and the windchill diminishes. Our heating systems cannot overcome temperatures this low with wind chill up to -20+. They are sized to operate at 0 degrees outdoor. Put your thermostat on hold 70 degrees or higher. 

To help minimize temperature loss you can boil water, make soup, or stews; they help introduce humidity and warmer temperatures into your home. DO NOT USE YOUR OVEN or a GRILL TO HEAT YOUR HOME. Please check on neighbors and elderly residents during these extreme temperatures. Stay warm and safe this week and share this post with any of your family and friends. 

If frozen pipes have been problems within a home before, during those really cold days keep a faucet on with a small drip.  

If the pipes do freeze, the freezing is not a big problem, just more of an inconvenience. The problem is when it warms back up and the pipes thaw and there becomes a major leak because the pipe expanded causing a split in the waterline. It’s a good idea if you leave for the day and you have a frozen pipe turn off the valve at the Water meter just In case it does thaw out and pipe is broken it will reduce the risk of water damage. 

Key is do NOT panic with falling temps inside your home if you have heat coming out of your registers. It is doing all it can.

Stay safe and bring your pets inside.

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