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Our Tips for Proactive Water Heater Owners

Being proactive feels good. You’ve paid all your bills ahead of time, gotten your car’s oil changed, and you even had enough time to mow the lawn and get ready for spring gardening. While you’re in this productive mood, why not look at some other ways to help your systems at home?

Unfortunately, no matter how proactive you might be, our water heaters end up getting neglected more often than not. They’re not the star of the show (even though they might as well be) and they work behind the scenes to the point where we even forget they exist! Well, now that you’ve gotten to this blog post, why not do a few things to help improve the condition of your water heater in Des Moines, IA?

We promise that these tips are easy enough for any homeowner to do. If you need more extensive work or maintenance for your system, make sure you call our team of pros.

Staying Vigilant for Problems

The absolute worst thing you could possibly do to your water heater is ignore it. This goes for both the proactive owners and everyone else. We like to think that while we’re in a productive mood, we can do everything needed to maintain our water heaters, but unfortunately taking care of this system is a full-time, year-round job.

For instance, if you’re noticing anything wrong with your system like leaks or a lack of hot water, then you need to let a professional know early. If you start ignoring or neglecting the problem, it’s most likely going to get worse until the system breaks down or causes some serious damage. The earlier you let a pro know about the problems your system is exhibiting, the better.

Have some fun with the process! Create a checklist and look around your water heater for anything that might seem fishy like leaks, improper temperatures and pressure, and rust or corrosion.

Improving the Efficiency of Your Water-Consuming Appliances

The more water your appliances use, the less hot water you’ll have overall. This might sound counterproductive but bear with us. A high-efficiency shower head will use less hot water to keep you comfortable and wash you. Most people can’t really notice the difference between a high-efficiency showerhead and an old one that uses too much water. That’s why it’s so important that you invest in appliances that reduce your water usage so you can get more out of your water heating system.

Limit Your Hot Water Usage

If your appliances are already efficient, then perhaps you can curb your hot water usage so that it’s spread out more evenly. Taking shorter showers, washing dishes in the dishwasher, and using cold water for drinking and cooking, could reserve the hot water for other family members or more important uses.

Invest in Water Heater Maintenance

Water heater maintenance is absolutely vital. Nothing you do to your system even comes close to how helpful this kind of service is. If you’re feeling really proactive, you can call our team to schedule your water heater maintenance appointment today.

Call Schaal Ya’all for water heater services you can count on!

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