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3 Great Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters

Are you ready to replace the water heater in your home? Has yours broken down entirely? Are you tired of paying for frequent water heater repairs. Whatever your reasons for scheduling a water heater replacement, remember that it is in your best interest to weigh all of your options carefully. There is no rule saying that you must stick with the same type of system that you’ve always used.

A tankless water heater, for example, may not be something that you’ve considered using in your home. You really should, though, as you can enjoy many benefits in doing so. Below are some of the ways in which using a tankless water heater in Des Moines, IA can benefit you.

Efficiency. Longevity. Size.

Among the major benefits of using a tankless water heater is that such systems are simply so efficient. A tankless water heater is not subject to standby energy loss in the way that tank models are. This occurs when heat within the water in the tank transfers out through that tank and into the air surrounding it. Modern tanks are more efficient than ever before, but the problem is not eliminated entirely — unless, of course, you eliminate the need for a tank entirely!

Another major benefit of a tankless water heater is the fact that they have such long lifespans. Now, you’ll notice when doing your research that tankless water heaters are substantially more expensive than tank water heaters are. However, they also last more than twenty years, generally, and operate with great efficiency over that time. Tank water heaters, on the other hand, have a life expectancy of ten – fifteen years.

Finally, there is the size of the system to consider. If you are short on space in your home, or you have a very small closet that you just don’t know what to do with, installing a tankless water heater may be the way to go. They take up very little space, and can be installed right on a wall.

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