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Your Drain Clog Checklist

If you’ve been quickly pacing through the kitchen, cursing under your breath, constantly hoping that your sink would finally let go of all that dirty water, then listen up. This is the blog post for you.

Drain clogs are an everyday occurrence for us. They don’t have to happen all the time, but when they do, it’s important that you’re prepared for them. We’ve got a few quick tips to mitigate the problem of a clogged drain for homeowners in our area, and we promise that by the end of this blog post you’ll have everything you need to remove a clog. From drain snakes to plungers and the other tools a plumber in Des Moines, IA might have, there are great solutions out there to take advantage of.

Keep reading and don’t lose this checklist. You’ll be referring to this in a couple of years when your drains clog again.

Find the Right Tool for the Job

What is it going to take to remove the clog from your drain? Well, the answer to that question is a bit more complicated than you think. For normal sinks, shower drains, and other types of drains, there are a range of different sizes of plungers and snakes that can work. It’s going to be important to check the size of your plunger and drain snake in accordance with the drain you want to help.


Plungers remove drain clogs via constant pressurization. The end of the plunger creates a pressurized seal between your drain’s opening and the plunger itself. Then, when you pull back and push forward, the pressure increases and decreases, shifting any solid material in your drain. This can be especially helpful in toilets, but certain plungers that are built specifically for sink drains can work wonders as well. This is a method that is absolutely safe for your plumbing system, because your pipes are built to handle those minor changes in pressure, while a clog is bound to be destroyed.

Drain Snake

Drain snakes are nifty wires that can be lowered into your drain. They’ve got little snags that can catch things like hair, food waste, or other drain clog materials. Once it grips on to what is clogging or slowing your drain, you can then begin to pull the drain snake out and bring all of these problematic materials with you. Voila! Your drain snake might remove the worst of your drain clogging woes!

Seek Out Professional Plumbing

Sometimes the tools of a regular homeowner just aren’t powerful enough to remove your clog. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, it just means you’ll need to look elsewhere to get your drains treated. Try a professional plumber, they always have the necessary tools and knowledge for the job at hand—like hydro-jetting!


What do you get when you cross a high powered hose with an auger that can be dropped into your clogged drain? You get an extremely powerful drain cleaning solution! Hydro jets used fresh, clean water to clear the clog in your drain, so that you don’t have to worry about chemicals or any rough materials breaking apart your plumbing. This is just one of many ways that a plumber can help you.

Call Schaal Plumbing, Heating and Cooling ya’all! We’ve got what it takes to clear your drain clog.

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