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When Should I Repipe My Home?

pipesIt’s a question that no homeowner is going to want to hear “right now” as a response to. The fact of the matter is, however, that your pipes won’t last indefinitely. There will come a time when repiping your home is really going to be in the best interest of your property. There may also come a time when there is really no other option to consider. Whatever the case may be, you want to be well-informed before you take on such a major project.

Now, we know what some homeowners may be thinking. Yeah, right. You’ll never get me to repipe my entire house. I’ll just keep patching up the system here and there as need be. That’s all well and good, but getting the job done all at once, when that really is the best option, is definitely going to save you a lot of time and, though it may be hard to believe at the moment, money in the long run. Just make sure that you hire a great plumbing company in Des Moines, IA to do the job.

Why Not Just Stick with Repairs?

Okay, so you’ve got a leak somewhere in your plumbing system. Does that mean that a whole-house repiping project is on the horizon? Of course not—probably. We offer plumbing repairs, and trust us when we tell you that fixing up a single leak or problematic area is not at all out of the ordinary. It really is a judgment call as to when repiping is justified.

This will depend upon a number of different factors. As a quick summary, though, think of it this way. You have an area of plumbing in your home that is in particularly bad shape. The trouble is substantial enough that there is no repair option. That section will have to be replaced. Doesn’t it make more sense to go ahead and replace everything while we’re in there? If that section is in such bad shape, is the rest of the system really that far behind? Plus, integrating new equipment into an old system may not have great results, either.

How Old Is Your Home

Did you know that repiping does not have to be justified by a catastrophic event? If you have a very old home, there is a good chance that you’ll benefit greatly from repiping services, even if you are not experiencing serious problems on a regular basis. This is a job best done before disaster strikes!

If, for instance, you have old galvanized pipes, switching them out for copper or PEX upgrades can help to prevent any such problems from developing. Is repiping a routine maintenance project? No, of course not. Can it help you to get out ahead of potential problems, or even health concerns due to water quality, in certain cases? Absolutely. If you notice persistent piping problems or you have any questions that you’d like answered, just give us a call.

When you need plumbing services, big or small, call Schaal Plumbing, Heating and Cooling, y’all.

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