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Signs You Need a Sump Pump

We are always surprised by how little homeowners know about sump pumps. Not that it should be required to take a “Sump Pump 101” class in order to be a homeowner, but we’ve seen our fair share of basements that could realluse a sump pump.

A sump pump is basically a pump that keeps your basement and floors dry from any type of flooding or precipitation. For homes that are generally located in flat areas or below sea-level, you could be experiencing some extremely moist conditions within the lower dwellings of your home. If you’ve been encountering a constantly moist basement, increased amounts of precipitation, and frequent flooding events, it might be time to invest in a sump pump.

And remember, if you’re looking for plumbing in Des Moines, IA then we offer sump pump services that can keep your home dry.

Why Do I Need a Sump Pump?

Good question! Sump pumps act as a water pump to constantly pull water that would normally enter your basement.

We all know the frustrating feeling of dealing with a constantly flooding basement, where as soon as you take a step down there, the “squish” of wet carpet beneath your feet makes your skin crawl. Well, your basement doesn’t have to flood, no matter how high the water table is or how much precipitation your area gets.

Let’s get into the specific reasons why a sump pump might be right for you.

  • Prior History of Flooding. A constantly flooding basement can be a pain in the neck and expensive to deal with. Many homeowners deal with this so often that they just get used to the constant flooding. A sump pump can end the deluge once and for all.
  • High Precipitation. Snow, rain, and anything in between will eventually lead to basement flooding. If you’re consistently worried about the next storm because of how it will affect your basement, a sump pump might be perfect for your home.
  • High Water Table. Depending on the porousness and composition of your soil, or the location of your home, the water table on your property could be high enough to cause serious problems for your basement. By “high water table,” we mean the groundwater (when your soil is saturated with water) which might be higher up and close to the location of your basement. A sump pump can be an effective tool in the fight against a high water table.
  • Finished Basement Risk. Even if you’re dealing with minor flooding issues, a finished basement is far more valuable to keep dry than an unfinished basement. The last thing you want to see is your television, pool table, and your collection of vintage comic books floating in a sea of floodwater. Take care of your valuable property to ensure your basement has a defense against flooding, with a professionally installed sump pump.

If any of these points sound familiar, don’t hesitate to call us and schedule the installation of a sump pump today. They can exist in your basement or crawlspace, providing the flood protection that you require.

Schaal Plumbing, Heating and Cooling is your one-stop-shop for sump pump installations. Give us a call today!


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