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Do You Need a Water Softener?

The answer to this question might be a surprise, but let us explain. Hard water and soft water are unique phenomena that we see in the plumbing industry. Hard water means water with natural minerals that have dissolved in it, while soft water is the kind of water you’re used to drinking. While they’re both perfectly fine for human consumption, one of them is much better for your plumbing than the other. Can you guess which one?

Many homes could use a water softener in Des Moines, IA. That’s why we want to talk about the benefits of having one installed. If you’ve never heard the term “hard water” before, or you’ve just stumbled on this post in the area, don’t worry. We’re going to discuss what all of these terms mean for you and your home.

So, let’s see if you need a water softener!

The Problem with Hard Water

Well, we should be talking more about problems with hard water, since there’s not just one. Hard water can be death sentence for older plumbing systems, because it leads to things like sediment deposits. Sediment forming and lining your pipes starts a ticking clock for your plumbing’s lifespan, causing things to start leaking, corroding, and breaking down much faster than normal. Let’s look at some of the problems that hard water can cause, in addition to plumbing issues, and we’ll see if we can help.

  • Sediment deposits. As we mentioned before, sediment deposits are some of the most problematic and important reasons for investing in a water softener. They can destroy your plumbing system, reduce your water pressure, and overall cause headaches for you and your family. Stop this from happening by clearing out the minerals in your water before it enters the system.
  • Poor cleaning. Hard water doesn’t dissolve dishwashing detergent as easily as soft water. That’s because the minerals in the water inhibit dissolution, which is not great when you’re trying to clean your dishes or wash your clothes. By removing the minerals in your water, you can more easily clean things in home appliances and you can say goodbye to soap stains on your dishes.
  • Shower troubles. While hard water is perfectly safe to use, it doesn’t give you the same quality of life that soft water does. Hard water doesn’t clean your hair or skin as well as soft water. It can often leave your skin too dry and your hair with poor texture. By investing in a water softener, you get the added benefit of better skin and hair care.
  • Tastes and smells. This is purely subjective, but some homeowners just don’t like the smell or taste of hard water. While it might be healthy to drink, it might not taste very good going down. Don’t force yourself to drink water you don’t like, why not invest in a water softener to make your water taste refreshing?

Whether you’re dealing with one or all of those problems, we can help you get set up with a new water softener. These systems last a long time, so they can keep your water clear for years to come.

The team at Schaal Plumbing, Heating and Cooling can install a new water softener for you. Call Schaal Ya’all!

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