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3 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Plumber

calling-plumberFor some reason, it seems like many homeowners are more likely to take a crack at servicing their plumbing systems than they would be at, say, breaking open the furnace to try and resolve a problem with that system. There is no denying that doing so can be very dangerous, and we wouldn’t argure otherwise! That being said, you have to keep in mind the immense amount of trouble that a compromised plumbing system can cause!

From (very costly) water damage to unhygienic backups and incredible inconvenience, problems with your plumbing are very serious business. That is why you always need to hire a professional plumber in Des Moines, IA. There is nothing about DIY plumbing services, beyond a simple plunging, of course, that make such attempts worthwhile. Read on for a few specifics about why you want a professional plumber working on your plumbing system. Then, if and when trouble does arise, dial our number!

Licensed and Insured Professionals

When you invite someone to your home for dinner, you’re probably not running background checks. What are they going to do, steal your silverware? Hopefully, you know your invited guests better than that! The same really cannot be said for the service technicians that come into your home, though.

Just because you don’t know them personally doesn’t mean that you cannot find individuals worthy of your trust, however. You want to be sure that you are working with a licensed and insured professional before any work gets underway. This protects you, your home, and your finances should any problems develop or mishaps occur during the service. Is that likely? Not when you work with professionals. But you wouldn’t skip insurance on your car just because you’re a great driver, right?

Get the Job Done Swiftly

Let’s just imagine, for a moment, that you are able to diagnose a problem with your plumbing system accurately. Not only that, but you do a lot of research and you are able to find the solution to that problem, and you think it’s one that you can handle. Not only that, but you’re pretty sure that you can get all of the materials that you need from a supply house or well-stocked hardware store. Is all of that worth your trouble? We haven’t even gotten to the time commitment of doing the job yourself!

Our professional plumbers never sacrifice service quality for speed, of course, but the fact is that, even in the unlikely scenario detailed above, it is going to take you much longer to do the job than a professional plumber with a stocked van and access to local supply houses would. Trust us, there is no point in going it alone, especially when great results are anything but guaranteed (or even likely).

There Are Legal Issues, Too

We’re not going to bust out the codes and regulations here, because that is some dry reading. However, you should know that there are a lot of restrictions on who can perform certain jobs, and in many cases, a professional and licensed plumber is the only one on that list. There are also permits that need to be pulled, inspections, etc. Don’t give yourself headaches for which there is a simple cure—simply pick up the phone and give us a call.

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