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You May Need a Whole-House Humidifier!

house-in-winterThis time of the year, the heater is the system that is front and center on most homeowners’ minds. It’s been a cold winter so far, and there is still plenty of it left to come. You know what there may not be plenty of in your home right now, though? Humidity! The air in the winter can get very,  very dry, and the well-sealed, heated homes of today can be even drier than the outdoors. That can cause a number of problems for you and your family, not to mention your property itself.

The best way in which to combat very dry air in your home is, without a doubt, by using a whole-house humidifier in Des Moines, IA. Doing so allows you to sufficiently humidify the air in your home without overly humidifying it, and it is also very convenient and efficient. Yes, there are portable, standalone humidifiers out there. Trust us, though: a whole-house solution to your humidity issues is definitely the way to go. Now, let’s take a look at some surprising facts about humidity.

Your Home May Be One of the Driest Places on Earth!

The relative humidity of Death Valley, CA is 25%. The Sahara Desert? 23% Care to guess what the relative humidity of a home in the US on a 10°F day while running a forced air furnace may be? It can get down into the single digits! Bet you didn’t know your home could be drier than the desert in the winter, did you?

Know Why Illness Is So Common in the Winter?

No, it’s not because there are more germs, and no, the cold doesn’t really cause colds. Not directly, anyway. The dryness of the air when it is cold out is a big culprit, though. You see, mucous membranes protect your sinus cavities.

As you breathe in, that mucous traps the contaminants that would otherwise get right into your body. Dry air causes these membranes to dry out and crack. When that happens, the germs that you breathe in have a direct line to your bloodstream.

Dry Air Can Make You Feel Colder

Your body is constantly generating heat. Your body’s way of cooling itself is through perspiring, with that moisture then evaporating into the air surrounding you. When it is very cold and very dry, your body can have its moisture leeched out of it by the dry air. You can crank the heat up, but then the air continues to dry out, you continue to lose moisture, and you continue to feel a chill.

It Can Also Damage Your Property

Not only can very dry air wreak havoc on your body, but it can lead to property damages as well. Wooden furniture can start to loosen and fall apart, floors will creak and floorboards will split, and wallpaper and curtains can wear out. Why? Because they dry out, plain and simple. The best way to protect your property from such issues is with whole-house humidification.

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