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When Should I Consider Professional Duct Testing?

You hopefully understand that your HVAC system has to be tuned up on an annual basis. Your AC and  your heater both require annual maintenance in order to function as efficiently and effectively as possible. What you may forget, though, is that other components in the system can also be a source of trouble. Leaky ductwork is one of the most common and most serious sources of energy loss in homes throughout the country. You may not need to have your air ducts tested on an annual basis, but it is important that you understand some basic warning signs that your ductwork is in trouble. That way, you can schedule professional duct testing in Des Moines, IA promptly, in order to determine if your ducts are compromised.

Is Your Home Evenly Heated and Cooled Throughout?

For some reason, many homeowners seem happy to accept the fact that certain areas of their homes are hotter or cooler than others. Don’t fall into this pattern of thinking. If your HVAC system is of the right size for your home and was professionally installed, then your home should be evenly heated and cooled throughout. This unevenness could be the result of compromised ductwork.

How’s Your Indoor Air Quality?

Are you having trouble keeping your surfaces free of dust? Are your allergies flaring up frequently? If so, you likely have low indoor air quality in your home. This could well be the result of damaged ductwork that is distributing airborne pollutants throughout your home.

Are Your Ducts Making Noise?

Hear a whistling or hissing coming from your system when you run your heater or central AC? What you are hearing may be, in fact, conditioned air escaping from your air ducts. When we test your ductwork, we’ll hook a calibrated fan up to your system, after shutting off all registers and vents. We’ll pressurize the system, and measure the output against the pressure within. If we find discrepancies, we’ll know for certain that your air ducts are leaking.

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