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What’s Causing Those Nasty Odors?

You might have seen the craze recently around air purifiers. In the last year, homeowners have been scrambling to invest in UV air purifiers in Clive, IA to the point where some companies are going out of stock. We’re glad that homeowners are starting to wise up to how important these systems can be, but we also need to talk about some other things that air purifiers can do.

Air purifiers aren’t just good at eliminating contaminants from the air like viruses and bacteria. They’re also good at eliminating odors as well!

Today, we’re going to get into the specifics of what causes these odors, why they can be such a nuisance, and how an air purifier seeks to eliminate them. We’ll get into the technical side of things while also making it very clear that yes, your home could be much better off with an air purifier for some obvious reasons.

Where Odors Come From

We like to think as homeowners that we can just do one solid day of cleaning and remove most of the bad odors in our homes. Unless you’ve got a catastrophic problem with your plumbing (which we can also fix) or some other aspect of your house, this should be doable, right? Why would your home smell bad if it’s clean?

Well, it’s really not that simple. Sometimes, odors can actually come from the air. Let us explain.


Mold is a type of fungus that grows in moist darkness. It only requires a slight amount of moisture in a dark environment, and it will begin to thrive. This can be bad for our homes, because many areas like crawlspaces, basements, and closets don’t have any access to sunlight and will get damp if something goes wrong.

While mold itself is bad, the way it spreads is by releasing spores into the air that will either infect people like us, or sprout new growths in other locations. Mold spores are what you detect with your nose when you smell the famous and foul “dirty sock” scent.

The bad news is that mold spores can exist in your air right now, and they’re nearly impossible to see and clean up with your bare hands. The good news is that soon, you won’t have to.

Air Purifiers

A UV air purifier is designed specifically to eliminate mold spores from the air. The UV radiation these systems produce is similar to the UV rays that come from the sun, which is uniquely adept at killing mold. Once these mold spores are rendered harmless, they can’t spread anywhere and they also become odorless!

Basically, one of the most foul smelling particles that exist in your air can be eliminated automatically by having an air purifier in your home. Think about that for a second. You don’t have to lift a finger.

Mold isn’t the only thing that gets addressed by an air purifier. Bacteria can often cause foul odors as well, and bacteria are eliminated from UV light too! Let’s set you up for success with an air purifier that’s going to address your odor issues.

Call Schaal Ya’all and let our team help remove odors in your home.

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