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Qualities That Make a Good AC Professional Great

HVAC in Des Moines, IAthumbs-up requires service that’s reliable, and HVAC professionals come in all shapes and sizes. There’s not one particular standard that makes it easy for homeowners to choose which one is right for them. Sure, most homeowners know not to call for an amateur’s service if they value the longevity and efficiency of their systems. However, many homeowners don’t know what separates a good HVAC technician from a great one.

So, we’re going to talk a bit about that difference between good and great. You might be happy with your good HVAC professional today, but what if you could do better with a team of professionals that are more than qualified to take care of everything your HVAC system needs, from installation to maintenance, to repairs and even replacements. There are certain qualities that differentiate a good technician from an amazing one, and we’ll cover a few of those down below.

The Good, the Bad, and the Great

To us, there are three types of HVAC contractors in the Des Moines area. There are bad ones, like amateurs and neighborhood handymen with no training that can cause more damage than they repair. There are good ones, like contractors that have some qualifications but aren’t uniquely certified in the area where you need their service the most. Then there are great ones, the ones that are reliable, with superior service, prompt timing, wonderful promotions, and gleaming reviews. While differentiating between the good and the bad can be self-explanatory in most cases, finding out what makes a contractor great is a whole other skill to master.


Between licenses and certifications, there are a ton in the field of HVAC that are offered. If you’re looking for a specific service, like a furnace installation—then having a team with the right NATE certifications and other qualifying attributes can make them exceed beyond what a normal contractor would be able to do. For other issues, like plumbing, you’ll want master plumbers or at least journeyman plumbers who are actually certified to take a look. These jobs boil down to a science, and having trained professionals that are certified in the right field for your work is incredibly important.


When you call your HVAC contractor for service, are you usually waiting a week for them to come? Do they get there later than when they agreed upon? Or how about when they finally do fix your air conditioner or furnace, does it break again right after they leave?

These questions are essential to ask when choosing a team of professionals. Teams that offer 24/7 services can be an easy choice to make since they’ll never take a week to arrive. A group of professionals that go above and beyond to ensure your system stays working after they leave, is something that should never be taken for granted.


Take a look at what customers are saying about a prospective contractor. If you see gleaming review after gleaming review, then perhaps they’re worth the call. Reviews are a glimpse into how people really feel about them, and the part that this company plays in the community at large.

Need 24/7 services from a team that’s reliable? Call Schaal Plumbing, Heating and Cooling today.

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