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Why Use a Zone Control System?

Whether heating your home to live comfortably during the coldest time of the year, or running your air conditioner to cool your house down during the peak of the summer season, you want to do so efficiently. If you’re forced to heat and cool your entire home to one set temperature throughout, though, then there is really no way in which you can hope to use energy as efficiently as possible. This is why we recommend that homeowners using forced air distribution systems also consider using a zone control system in Des Moines, IA. When properly designed and installed by the pros here at Schaal Heating and Cooling, your zone control system can benefit you greatly.

How Does It Work?

A zone control system utilizes 3 basic components in its operation. These are thermostats, a central control panel, and electronic dampers. The dampers are installed in the ductwork of an HVAC system, and they are wired into the control panel. The thermostats are installed throughout the house, one per temperature zone, and are also wired into this panel. When any given thermostat is adjusted, the corresponding damper(s) will adjust as well, allowing more or less conditioned air into that area. The benefits of this operation are many.

First of all, not everyone is going to be comfortable at the same temperature, so maintaining different temperatures throughout the house allows for different people to set their own preferred temperatures. Plus, you won’t have to heat or cool every area of your home, including those that are not in use, at all times. This means that you can actually live in greater comfort while using less energy in the process. If you are interested in getting more from your HVAC system by utilizing zone control in your home, contact a member of our staff today to get started.

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