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Why Is Heating Maintenance a Job for the Pros?

piggy-bankNo one can even begin to argue against the fact that the internet is a truly incredible resource. Just a few generations ago the idea that you could carry around a whole world’s worth of information in your pocket—on a device that you can use to make your phone calls, nonetheless—would be unthinkable. No—incomprehensible! For the immeasurable good that the internet does, however, there are obviously a lot of issues that stem from it and its use.

Not the least of these is simply giving individuals the false impression that viewing a few videos or reading a few blogs suddenly makes them experts. Let us make our stance on the matter clear right off the bat. Yes, there are plenty of projects around the house that you can handle on your own. Yes, there are instructional DIY videos online that will help you to complete appropriate projects. No, you cannot ever service your home heating system yourself! That’s always a job for a professional HVAC contractor in Ankeny, IA.

I Wouldn’t Repair My Heater, but Can’t I Just—

We are going to have to stop you right there. If the next words to come are not “pick up the phone and dial a pro for all of my heating services,” then no, you cannot. And yes, this even applies to heating maintenance. And no, it’s not “just” a tune-up. Routine heating maintenance is far more complex than many homeowners seem to realize. It is also vitally important to the overall operational quality of your home heating system, as well as to the efficiency with which it operates. So just what does heating maintenance actually entail?

  • The thorough cleaning of your system, including coils (in heat pumps) and the burner assembly in combustion-based systems.
  • The replacing of filters.
  • The checking and testing of various controls, electrical contacts, and relays.
  • Refrigerant level testing (for heat pumps).
  • Thermostat testing.
  • Lubrication of moving parts, as needed.
  • Tightening of loose parts, replacement of worn belts, as needed.
  • Testing of capacitors.
  • Testing of thermocouple.
  • And so much more.

If you have a hand vacuum and a screwdriver, maybe a can of WD-40, and you think that you’re prepared to tune up your heater on your own, you’ve got another thing coming. What’s the worst that could happen?

  • You’ll waste a lot of time trying to do something you’re just not qualified for.
  • You’ll put your own safety at risk.
  • You’ll put the condition of your heater at risk.
  • You’ll make your heater unsafe to operate.
  • You’ll wind up scheduling professional repairs, instead of professional maintenance.

But What’s the Big Benefit of Maintenance?

Benefits—plural. Keeping your heater in the best working condition possible is going to make it work as well as possible. You’ll be able to heat your home as effectively as that system can. Plus, your heater will be as reliable as possible. The best way to prevent problems from developing with your heater is by scheduling routine maintenance. And you’ll save money, because a heater that is in prime working condition is also a heater that functions at peak efficiency levels.

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