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Why Do We Still Insist Homeowners Use Furnaces?

That might be a bit of an overstatement. We don’t insist anyone use a particular type of system, all we do is reassure homeowners that furnaces are still great systems to use. Too many people fall into the trap of assuming that with the advent of heat pumps and other electrical technology that gas furnaces are on their way out. However, gas furnaces, and even electrical furnaces, are becoming more and more efficient with each new model on the market.

Don’t assume that a furnace isn’t right for you just because it sounds like an old-fashioned way of heating a home. Furnaces still are, and probably will be for the foreseeable future, the most common heating system in use. Let’s talk about some of the great reasons to invest in a furnace, including the easy access to furnace repair in Des Moines, IA.

The Reliability of a Furnace

Furnaces are reliable. This is probably the first and most important reason why homeowners choose them year after year. When it comes to repairs, HVAC technicians will always know how to repair a furnace. They’ve been around for decades and while they’re becoming more technologically advanced, they’re really the bottom line as far as HVAC knowledge goes. So rest easy that you’ll always have affordable care around.

If you’ve been having trouble wrapping your head around how a heat pump works, or how electricity and refrigerant could keep your home warm, we understand. These systems rely on advanced technology to move heat from one place to another. A gas furnace uses the age-old method of combustion to burn natural gas and produce comfortable levels of heat no matter what the temperature may be outside. While heat pumps struggle with extremely cold temperatures, furnaces will always get the job done efficiently.

New Standards for New Systems

Back in the old days, a furnace was just a burning box. You could shovel coal into it, wood, or gas, and it would produce heat from those fuel sources. While the concept of a furnace is still the same, it functions on an entirely new level when it comes to efficiency.

Firstly, natural gas is a much more efficient and clean burning fuel source than coal or wood. Secondly, advancements in technology have brought furnace efficiency levels to unprecedented points. Many furnace models these days have AFUE ratings of 95 and above, which equates to an almost 1:1 ratio of fuel burning to heat being produced. This is a huge boon to efficiency and is why natural gas furnaces are still so widely used!

Safety Measures That Work

Another reason why homeowners shy away from furnaces is because combustion doesn’t “seem safe.” While we can’t help that feeling, we can quell any myths cropping up out there about the safety of furnaces. These systems are increasingly built to be resilient and safe. Only through extreme neglect and repair problems can gas leaks or carbon monoxide leaks occur. And—even when these things happen—our access to smoke and carbon monoxide detectors has increased tremendously to the point where safety hazards are incredibly easy to avoid.

We are always available to help with furnace repairs or a new furnace installation. Just call Schaal Plumbing, Heating and Cooling today!

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