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Why Can’t I Heat My Home Evenly?

It is very frustrating to struggle in heating your home. It’s even more frustrating when the heater seems to be running just fine, but there are still cold spots throughout the house. Unfortunately, this is a problem that many homeowners may encounter with their heating systems in Des Moines, IA.

There are a number of different reasons as to why your heater may fail to heat your entire home evenly. In certain cases, the problem may not even be with the heater itself. Read the following information, and dial our number if you need help heating your home successfully. 

  • Your insulation may be to blame. More specifically, a lack of insulation or insulation of an insufficient R-value may be to blame. The insulation in your home works all year long in order to prevent unwanted heat transfer. During the winter season, this means that your insulation helps to prevent heat in your home from transferring out into the cooler environment outdoors. If your insulation is damaged or there just isn’t enough of it, cold spots can develop in those affected areas.
  • Your ductwork may be compromised. Those homeowners using furnaces or heat pumps rely upon their ductwork to distribute heated air throughout their homes. If your air ducts are leaking, then the areas in your home serviced by those leaking ducts may not heat up as much as other areas. Not only can we test your ductwork to assess its condition, but we can seal your ducts to resolve the problem, too.
  • Your heater may be too small for your home. If this is the case, there is really no way in which to “fix” the heater. The problem is the sizing, not the performance of the heater, so the “fix” is to replace undersized systems with ones that fit their respective properties. If you need a heating replacement, we’ll get the job done right.

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