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What’s Wrong With Your Heater?

Ah, this is probably the question you were looking to avoid today. When homeowners are dealing with a heater problem, every day becomes “Let’s try not to talk about the heater—day.” Well, how would it feel to finally nip this one in the bud and deal with your heater problem once and for all?

We’re not saying that it’s something you can do with tools at home. In fact, you’re going to definitely need the help of a professional HVAC contractor in Des Moines, IA. What we are saying, though, is that heater repair is a combined effort of diligent work from a professional and attentive vigilance from a homeowner. Together, we can assess the problem with your heater, get to the bottom of it, repair it, and keep you comfortable.

Does that sound like a good plan? Great! Then follow along as we talk about what could be going wrong with your heater.

Troubleshooting 101

The first order of business is figuring out what’s wrong with your heater. For some of the most complex repair needs, this is easier said than done. Unfortunately, you’ll never quite know exactly what’s going on without the help of a professional. But knowing a bit about some common problems that occur in heaters could help put you on the right track and give your preferred technician an idea of what’s going on.

A Cracked Heat Exchanger

If there’s any rattling or shaking going on with your furnace, then you could be in for a nasty surprise. Likewise, with any foul smells, there could be a gas leak coming from the heat exchanger. This is what happens when there’s a crack in the heat exchanger, which is where the combustion process meats the air it’s supposed to cool. All that separates gas and carbon monoxide from your air is a layer of metal, which after years of corrosion and strain, can start to crack. If any of these symptoms sound familiar, shut your system off and call for help quickly!

It’s Not Working Well Enough

Perhaps your furnace used to heat your home well but now it’s starting to struggle. Sure, it’s producing heat, but it’s just not producing enough heat. In that case, you could be dealing with a clogged air filter, a blocked heat vent, or some other compartment that’s on its way out but barely hanging on while your system still runs. Change the air filter and ensure that no vents are covered before you work with us to figure out the problem.

Problems with the Burner Flames

If your burner is making a boom that sounds like a miniature explosion, or perhaps the pilot light is a weird orange or yellow color, then you could be the victim of a burner problem. The burners need gas injection at a steady rate to be able to function properly, and a delay could be causing that booming noise. Likewise, orange or yellow pilot lights could signal that carbon monoxide is leaking into the chamber. Basically, if you notice anything odd about your heater’s burner or pilot light, give us a call pronto!

Why not call Schaal Ya’all? Schaal Plumbing, Heating and Cooling can get to the bottom of your heating issue today.

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