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What Makes the Gas Furnace So Popular?

gas-jetsWinter has certainly made itself known this year. With cold temperatures tearing through the country at such extremes, there’s no doubt that you were thankful for the heater in your home this season. And there is a good chance that you have a gas furnace to thank for your comfort. Why? Because gas furnaces are probably the most popular of all home heating systems in use today. Why is that? Well, that’s what we’re covering in today’s post.

To put things simply, the gas furnace has many benefits to offer that other heating systems simply cannot compete with. Does this mean that there are not other great heaters out there? No, of course not. It does mean that, if you’re thinking about installing a new heater in your home, using a gas furnace is certainly worth considering. So read on, learn a bit about the benefits, and let us know if you have any questions about what a gas furnace can do for you.

What Sets the Gas Furnace Apart?

If we are to focus in on gas furnaces specifically, then we should probably start with looking at what sets them apart from the electric furnace. The first thing that we should point out is that, as far as initial investment and installation costs go, you are going to be paying more for a gas furnace. Electric furnaces have the upper hand in terms of price tag. And, surprisingly to some, they also work more efficiently than gas furnaces. However, this does not mean that they are cheaper to run.

How is that possible if they’re more efficient than gas furnaces? After all, electric furnaces don’t lose heat to flue gas venting. Well, it’s because electricity is simply more expensive to purchase than natural gas is. Even if your electric furnace is running right up around 100% efficiency, the fact remains that you’re paying more for that fuel source than you would for natural gas.

Direct Fuel Delivery

If you do choose to use an electric furnace or even a heat pump on your property, then you don’t have to worry about fuel delivery. If you want the benefits of a cheaper fuel option without the potential risk of extreme cold overwhelming your heat pump and driving down its efficiency, then a gas furnace is still a great choice.

Unlike those heaters using oil or propane to generate heat through combustion, the gas furnace does not require on-site storage. Instead, natural gas is simply piped directly to the system. It can also be used for everything from fueling your stove and oven to your water heater and even an outdoor BBQ pit or clothes dryer! Natural gas, of course, can be dangerous if it should leak or if it’s not combusted properly, so be sure to schedule prompt gas furnace repair in Ankeny, IA if you have any such concerns. We’ll make sure that you’re using natural gas safely in your home.

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