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Those Sounds Are Bad News!

Your home might be noisy. From the kids running around screaming, to the dogs barking, to your dishwasher churning on and off, noises should be nothing new. We’d understand if you scoff at the idea of your heater making some strange noise and our advice to drop everything and call for repairs.

While you might not need to drop everything at once and address a bad sound that comes from your heater, we believe it is important for you to know what some of these bad sounds represent. If you neglect your heater and allow these noises to go on for a long time without furnace service in Des Moines, IA, you could see your home without heat on one of the coldest days of the year.

Let’s avoid that and keep your family comfortable by learning about what some of these furnace noises might be.

Noises to Watch Out For

Take a look at this list and tell us what you think. Are you dealing with one of these sounds coming from your furnace? Or perhaps your system is making multiple noises. Either way, give our team a call so you can nip this in the bud and get back to your life.

  • Booming. A booming sound is one of the first ones we tell homeowners about because it’s so common in gas furnaces. Over time, when a furnace isn’t maintained as well as it should be, the burners can get covered in soot and grime. This causes there to be a small delay between the injection of natural gas into the combustion chamber, and the actual ignition of the gas. Basically, this sound is a miniaturized explosion of too much gas in your system due to gunked-up burners.
  • Creaking. Creaking can sometimes be the expanding and contracting of your air ducts as they heat up or cool down, which is a totally fine noise to hear. However, it can also be the sound of a loose or broken part that’s losing structural integrity in your heating system. It’s better to get this checked out just in case.
  • Rattling. Sometimes a screw can get loose or some other tine component can fall out of its place. This means you’ll hear it rattle around the system, bumping into sensitive components.
  • Clanging. That rattling part we just mentioned could knock a larger part off balance and cause some louder clanging to occur. This gets more serious the louder it is, and we always recommend calling for help to have this issue addressed.
  • Squealing. Similarly to when a car’s fan belt squeals, your heater’s motor belt can start to fray. This means it will squeal as it gets less effective and eventually snaps causing your blower motor to break down.
  • Buzzing. Furnaces do require electricity to ignite the gas and turn on. If your system starts tripping circuits, it could buzz as a result of some electrical malfunction.

Do any of these sound familiar? Or perhaps you’re hearing exactly what we’re describing coming from your furnace? Don’t hesitate to call us and have it addressed.

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