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Signs That Your Furnace Is in Trouble

cold-manWell, autumn sure went by quick this year, didn’t it? It may not technically be winter according to the calendars just yet,  but it is definitely starting to feel like it nonetheless. Subfreezing temperatures are going to be the norm once more, and that means that your furnace really needs to step up to the plate with a performance that will knock the cold right out of the park. Do your part to help it do so by looking out for signs of furnace problems.

Even the best furnaces on the market are going to require repairs at some point, no matter how expertly installed and well-maintained they are. The key to minimizing any negative impact of operational problems, both to your comfort and to your furnace itself, is to schedule professional furnace repair in Ankeny, IA at the first sign of trouble. Contact us if you have any reason to suspect that trouble is a-brewin’ with the furnace in your home.

Is Your Furnace Making Strange Sounds?

In our next blog post, we are actually going to get into this topic in a bit more detail. For now, we just want to remind you that you, as the homeowner, know better than anyone what your furnace’s normal operating sounds are. Depending upon where your furnace unit is located in your home, you may hear it cycle on and off. It may even click while cooling down, and you may hear the sound of air moving through certain ducts.

What you should not hear, however, are loud grinding sounds, clanging and banging, screeching, or booming. We won’t get into the precise reasons why such sounds may develop in today’s post—do check back in two weeks!—but suffice to say that these are not normal operating noises. Ignoring them just because your furnace still seems to be running okay is one of the worst things that you can do for your system.

Is Your Furnace Blowing Cool Air?

Aside from a furnace that won’t start up at all,  no matter how chilly your home gets, one that is blowing cool air into the living space may just be the most obvious sign of trouble. There are many reasons why this may be the case. It is important to note that not all causes of this problem will necessarily start with the furnace itself.

It is possible that you simply have a bad thermostat, which can be replaced by a professional to resolve the problem. Is the cool air confined to just one area of the house? Then the air ducts servicing that area of the house may be leaking, pulling in cool air where they pass through unconditioned spaces. Your system may also be stuck in a “fan-only” mode, meaning that it will run, but will not actually be generating heat.

Is Your Furnace Short Cycling?

Your furnace should run in full cooling cycles, allowing for peak efficiency and performance quality.  If it is starting up, running only briefly, and then cycling right back down, you have a problem on your hands. This is known as short cycling, and it is not a situation that should be left alone.

Your system may be overheating, causing it to shut down before it really even gets going. It could also have a faulty thermocouple, which is shutting the system down as a precautionary measure as it senses unsafe combustion temperatures. Of course, there also could be unsafe combustion temperatures in the chamber. Whatever the case, you need a pro to get to the bottom of the problem as soon as possible.

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