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Keep Your Heater Working Efficiently

money-savingIf we were able to provide you with free heating, it would be our honor to do so. That’s just not a possibility, however—which is actually good for us, since giving away free heating probably wouldn’t be great for our finances. That being said, you certainly don’t want to be paying more than is necessary in order to heat your home. Too many homeowners write off their high heating costs as the norm, though, even though boost efficiency can be quite simple.

Now, we’re not going to be able to make your heater any more efficient than it is rated for. All systems do have their upper limit. However, we’ can help you to keep your heater working as closely to that upper limit as possible. Sure, replacing your old, inefficient heater with a new, more efficient model is an obvious way to get a more efficient heating performance. We’d like to share some other, less expensive tips with you today, though. 

Use Your Ceiling Fan to Help Distribute Heat

Wait, I always shut the ceiling fan off when the colder weather arrives. Why would I keep that running when the heat heads out for the year?

Well, your ceiling fan does not actually cool the air in your home, right? No, it just helps to distribute cool air throughout the house. So, while many of us associate these fans with the summer heat, they are also actually very effective in helping to heat homes in the winter. How? Well, first you’ll want to reverse the direction in which your fans rotate by flipping the switch on the fixture.

That allows the fan to force heated air trapped up at the ceiling back down into your living space, where it will do you some good. This can usually help you to lower temperatures at the thermostat a bit without feeling less comfortable.

Change Filters!

We cannot stress this enough. When it comes to quality heating in Des Moines, your forced air heater needs a fresh air filter in place! Dirty air filters increase airflow resistance. That means that your heater will have to work harder than it should in order to heat your home. That increases energy consumption.

That results in higher bills, but can cause even bigger problems, too. If your heater is really working overtime, then it is going to suffer excessive wear and tear. When that happens, frequent repairs and even an early replacement enter the picture.

Schedule Routine Maintenance

This is not just us trying to sell you our services—though you should definitely take advantage of our maintenance program. The fact of the matter is that any heating technician will tell you the same thing. There is no better way in which to keep your heater working properly than with routine heating maintenance. So schedule yours today, and enjoy the best that your heater has to offer. We believe that you deserve nothing less.

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