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Is Your Heater Running on Borrowed Time?

question-markNow that we’re getting into mid-February, some homeowners out there are no doubt starting to eagerly anticipate the spring season. Just because warmer temperatures may be visible on the horizon in the near future, however, does not mean that you can let a struggling heating system limp along through the rest of the winter. There is too much work to be done yet. By rolling the dice in that way, you are only putting your comfort at risk.

If you were training for a marathon and sprained your ankle a few miles out from the finish line, chances are that you’d have that ankle taken care of before you decided to give it another shot and cross that finish line. The same mindset should apply to your heating system. Our Ankeny, IA, HVAC professionals want to ensure that you understand the signs that your heater is giving you. It may be that repairs are needed, of course. However, considering different factors, it may become clear that a full heating replacement is your best option, even with spring close ahead. 

First Things First, Get a Diagnosis

We’ve all struggled with that feeling of delaying a doctor’s trip or a visit to the dentist specifically because we don’t want to welcome any bad news into our lives. That’s understandable but, being adults, we also hopefully understand that this attitude is not helping anyone. Problems with your heater are not going to go away just because you’ve chosen to ignore them.

We strongly recommend that you get a prompt, professional diagnosis for your heater specifically because problems are only going to get worse the longer that you wait to have them evaluated. The real kicker is that what you’re afraid is a serious issue, like short cycling, could actually be caused by something simple to fix, like replacing the air filter! However, if you let the problem fester, then more serious problems can develop and more extensive damage can result! 

When Considering Repairs, Look Beyond Costs

A great HVAC technician, like those on our team, is going to be able to repair most problems with your heater. However, the fact that something can be repaired does not necessarily mean that it is worth making the repairs. Now, that being said, we also suggest that you don’t let the cost of repairs be the only factor that informs your decision. This works both ways.

If repairs seem steep, you may think that scrapping your system and starting anew is the way to go. However, if you have an efficient, newer system that has unfortunately developed a problem, then it is probably worth spending the money on repairs. That system likely has a good lifespan of efficient service left in it.

Now, if you are looking at somewhat expensive repairs that you can swing, that doesn’t mean they’re worth making. Consider the age of your system. If it’s probably only going to last a couple of more years, then replacing now may make the most sense financially. There is also the matter of overall satisfaction to consider. The repairs may not be expensive, but if your heater isn’t doing a great job or is quite inefficient, then it may be time for a replacement regardless of the feasibility of repairs.

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