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Is Your Heater in Trouble Already?

servicing-furnaceIt’s only December, which means that we have a whole lot more winter weather to contend with before things start to warm up once again. That can be a startling realization when you run into problems with your heating system relatively early into the heating season. The best way to protect your comfort, the condition of your heater, and even your safety is to schedule prompt heating repairs in Clive, IA. To do so, however, you need to recognize the signs of trouble.

Not all of them are incredibly obvious. That’s the bad news. The good news, inasmuch as we can use the word “good” in this context, is that not every problem is terribly serious, either. However, most warning signs do point to potentially serious problems, so the right course of action is to treat any such issue as a priority. In doing so, you help to prevent serious damages to your heating system that could have been avoided with more prompt action!

Don’t Downplay Performance Issues

Well, the heater is running erratically, but at least it’s running, right? 

Sure, the heating output doesn’t seem as high as it used to be, but it’s still operational. What’s the big deal?

If you find yourself making excuses for or justifying an underwhelming performance from your home heating system, then you are going to find yourself scheduling costly repairs somewhere down the road. It doesn’t matter if it’s a furnace blowing lukewarm air or a heat pump that is short cycling. Your heater should operate consistently and effectively.

Don’t Put Up with High Heating Costs

Is your heater costing you an arm and a leg to heat your home? Sure, it is possible that you just have a very old, run down heater, or that you have a heater with a very low efficiency rating. In such instances, we strongly recommend that you replace your system with a more efficient model. However, if your heater is maintaining a baseline cost, high as it may be, then it is likely still operating normally.

A sudden spike in your heating costs, on the other hand, is a sure sign of trouble. We understand that you may have automated payments, or that you’re not really tracking your utility bills. If you use the same fuel for heating as you do for appliances like your oven or your water heater, then the waters are muddied even more. Regardless, you should take note of any spikes and alert us to irregularities.

Blow Circuits

Your heater is pulling enough electricity to run on its own circuit. If your system is frequently tripping that circuit, then you need help immediately. Never ignore potential electrical problems.

We can look into your issue to see if it stems from your heater itself. If so, we’ll handle the repairs. However, remember that this could also indicate a problem with your electrical system itself. In that case, you need to hire a professional electrician to handle the situation promptly.

Schedule your heating services with Schaal Plumbing, Heating and Cooling.

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