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Improve Heating Efficiency with a Zone Control System

The majority of homeowners use a forced-air heating system in order to heat their homes, with the gas furnace being the preferred system of many. Regardless of what type of ducted heating system you may use to heat your home, though, you may take issue with the practice of heating your entire home to just one temperature throughout. Fortunately for you, there is actually no reason why you must continue to do so.

With a zone control system in Des Moines, IA, you can direct airflow throughout your home with greater control than you may previously have thought possible. Read on to learn more about what zone controlled heating can do for you. If you decide to go ahead with the installation of a zone control system, be sure to schedule service with our staff.

Zone Control Lets You Heat Your Home Strategically

If you are having a dinner party that you are preparing all of the food for, chances are that your oven will be on for much of the day, and that you’ll have some helpers in the kitchen. That means that it will probably be warmer in there than, say, in the den where the children are playing. So what do you do? Suffer with uncomfortably hot temperatures in the kitchen as you work, or let the kids bundle up so that they can play comfortably indoors? The answer is neither.

With a zone control system, you can heat these different areas of your home to different temperatures. The layout of your temperature zoning is going to be unique to your home, of course, but our technicians will help you to decide how best to break up your living space. You can turn down the heat in the kitchen, where it’s not really needed, while turning it up in other areas of the house. Why not start living in greater comfort, even as you scale your heating costs back?

If you think that zone control is right for you, schedule service with Schaal Heating and Cooling today.

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