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How Ductwork and Heating Problems Are Linked

sealing-ductWhen you invest in a good heating system and you schedule routine heating maintenance, you may think that you’re in the clear and that nothing bad can happen in terms of your overall heating experience. Unfortunately, this is just not the case. Even the best heating systems on the market, even when expertly installed and meticulously maintained, can still run into trouble. Things are only complicated further by the fact that different components of the system at large, rather than the heating unit itself, may be to blame.

Case in point? Your ductwork. If you use a heat pump or a furnace to heat your home, then you are using a forced air heating system to distribute heat throughout your living space. That means that air is heated and then circulated throughout the house by air ducts. If those ducts are not in great working condition, then your entire heating system is compromised. Let’s take a look at some signs of trouble with your ductwork in Altoona, IA.

Is Your Home Heating Up Evenly Throughout?

If your forced air heating system has never really been able to effectively heat your home in all areas of the house, then you may have a much bigger problem on your hands. This could mean that your system is undersized or that it is poorly designed for your home. However, if your system used to heat your home successfully and evenly, but is now failing to do so, then leaky ductwork may definitely be to blame.

When your ducts are leaking, they can let heat escape into unconditioned areas where it is not needed. The result is that air coming from the ducts in those affected sections of your home will be cooler than it should be. Don’t put up with temperature variance in your home. You deserve consistent comfort!

Are Your Bills Noticeably Spiking?

Sometimes utility costs go up, and you’ll obviously see a rise in your heating costs when temperatures really drop and you start running your heater more and more. That being said, you should not really see any major spikes in the costs associated with your heater if you are not using your heater any differently than is normal.

The aforementioned leaks, which require professional duct sealing, may be to blame. We can test your ductwork to determine if there are leaks, and we can then seal them up effectively so that you get back to enjoying the level of energy efficiency that you deserve in your home. Live comfortably without breaking the bank.

How’s Your Indoor Air Quality?

Air quality may not be something that you typically associate with your home heating system. Leaky ductwork, however, is a major contributing factor to subpar energy efficiency in many instances. When heat is escaping your ducts and your home is not heating up properly, your system has to work harder than it should to keep you comfortable. The result is higher energy costs.

Scheduling your duct testing and sealing with our team is the way to go. Contact Schaal Plumbing, Heating and Cooling today.

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