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Heat Your Home with a Ductless Mini Split

Ductless mini splits, at least in our neck of the woods, are the future of heating and cooling. They can affordably and efficiently keep homes comfortable throughout the year by using electricity and moving heat instead of creating it. For most homeowners that already own them, this is just obvious. For everyone else, keep reading.

We want to talk to all the prospective heat pump homeowners. From homeowners who are tired of their hiccupping furnace, to others who are looking to replace both their air conditioners and heaters with a one-size-fits-all system. Not only can a heat pump be the best decision for you, but getting your heat pump installed by our team can be the second best decision as well.

Let’s talk about heat pumps, one of the best reasons to call us for HVAC in Des Moines, IA.

How They Work

Before we talk about why a heat pump might be right for you, or why we can be the team to provide expert installation, we need to first talk about how they work. It’s really quite simple actually.

Heat pumps provide heat by drawing heat out of the air outside. Believe it or not, there still exists heat outdoors when temperatures are below freezing, there’s just not very much of it. A heat pump uses refrigerant to draw out the heat and provide comfortable temperatures indoors in the same process it takes to provide cooled air from an air conditioner during the summer. It just works in reverse!

When Is a Heat Pump Perfect?

Heat pumps don’t work very well in sub-zero temperatures, or extremely cold areas. That’s because the process gets less and less efficient since there’s simply not enough heat in the air to be drawn out. Furnaces tend to be a better decision when the time comes for those who deal with extreme cold. That being said, when milder winters roll around, and cold temperatures during fall and spring, a heat pump can be absolutely perfect.

Don’t feel pressured to purchase a heat pump just because they’re so efficient and technologically advanced. Not every homeowner needs one, and for some people and their homes, a system like this might fall flat.

We Can Help You Choose

How would you ever hope to make the right decision for your home without the help of a qualified team of professionals? And not just a qualified team, but a team that you trusted to help you properly? Now you’re asking the right questions.

One of our company tag-lines is “Iowa’s most trusted,” because to be blatantly honest, that’s how most Iowans view us. We’ve been in business long before heat pumps even existed, and we’ve been keeping people happy since 1946. Sure, new technology is always interesting, and can be revolutionizing to the industry, but it’s never going to influence our founding principles of keeping you comfortable and happy.

Let us provide the service and expertise that you’re so used to. If a heat pump is right for your home, we’ll get everything set up to your satisfaction. If it’s not, we’ll figure out a better way of keeping your home warm this winter.

Just call Schaal Plumbing, Heating and Cooling for your heating needs!

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