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Furnace Tip: Listen for Signs of Trouble

When you run your furnace, some level of noise is to be expected. It certainly shouldn’t be enough to keep you up at night, but you may be able to hear your furnace start up as the heating cycle begins, and the sound of air being forced through and exiting your ductwork may be audible. There is a point at which noise coming from your furnace becomes cause for concern, though.

If you are put off by new, alarming sounds coming from your furnace in Des Moines, IA, be sure to schedule service with a member of our team right away. These sounds may not indicate a very serious problem, but one could certainly develop if the warning signs are ignored for long enough. Here are a few to be on the lookout for.

Banging and Popping

Like most issues you may encounter with a heating system of any kind, banging and popping sounds could be the result of a few different issues. It is possible that you are simply hearing the sound of your ducts expanding and contracting, which is just par for the course. However, you could also have dirty burners or a problem with your fuel delivery system, leading to delayed ignition. That can cause excess fuel to build up in the combustion chamber, with the minor explosion causing the sound.

Squealing and Screeching

Again, this is probably a minor issue. A slipped or fraying belt in the furnace could be to blame. As is always the case, though, and minor as the problem may be, it is definitely in your best interest to have the problem resolved ASAP. There’s no point in giving the issue the time necessary to result in a more serious problem.


If you can hear scraping sounds coming from your heater, you’re probably dealing with a metal on metal situation. This could be the result of a jam in moving parts, or a blower wheel that comes loose from its mount. Whatever the case, our professionals can get the system back on track to resolve the problem and restore your furnace to proper operating condition.

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