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Furnace FAQ: What’s That Sound?

dog-under-blanketWhen we’re in the middle of the coldest time of the year, the last thing that we want to encounter is trouble with our home heating systems. The unfortunate truth, however, is that this is precisely the time when the need for heating repairs is most likely to strike! That is why learning some of the potential warning signs that trouble is brewing is so beneficial for homeowners. One strong indicator that problems are developing is strange sounds coming from your furnace.

If you do hear odd furnace noises when heating your home, dial our number right away to schedule professional furnace repair in Ankeny, IA. While not every issue causing your furnace to make strange sounds will necessarily be very serious, the fact is that ignoring this common warning sign will only give that problem the time that it needs to get worse. Acting promptly can save you from more expensive repair needs—not to mention a potentially dangerous operating condition.

What Sounds Qualify As Alarming?

With perhaps the exception of electric radiant systems, pretty much any heater is going to make sounds of some kind as it operates. There are major differences between normal operational sounds and those that are “alarming,” though. You may hear a furnace cycle on when it first starts up, or you may hear air being forced through ductwork. Those sounds shouldn’t really raise an alarm. Sounds that you’ve never heard before, or those that are much louder than usual, should.

  • Grinding. If you hear a grinding sound coming from your furnace, you definitely need to contact us right away. It could be something as simple as an insufficiently lubricated moving part. However, left alone this situation could lead to serious damages down the road.
  • Screeching. Do you hear a screeching sound coming from your furnace? That is likely the sound of metal scraping up against metal. It may indicate insufficient lubrication as well, but it could also suggest that something has shifted in the unit and is rubbing up against a surface that it should not be touching.
  • Squealing. Does your furnace sound like an alarmed swine? That squealing sound is probably the result of a loose or worn out belt. This is a very common replacement part, and replacing it comes at a very minimal cost. If you wait for it to break entirely, though, you’re looking at some uncomfortable cold while you wait to have it replaced. Get out ahead of the problem.
  • Booming. This one could actually mean that your furnace is not functioning safely. If you use a gas-fired furnace, you could basically be hearing a contained explosion. It’s called delayed ignition, meaning that fuel is building up to a higher level than it should before being combusted. Don’t ignore this problem, as any issues with fuel delivery and combustion could prove dangerous.
  • Hissing. No, there is probably not a snake loose in your system. Hissing sounds are more likely the result of duct leaks, which can lead to hissing as air escapes the ductwork.

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