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Forced Air Heating Tip: Keep the Filter Fresh

filterWhen you invest in a quality heating system from a trusted manufacturer, and you are diligent in scheduling routine heating maintenance with skilled, trained professionals, you can generally count on a pretty reliable performance from that heater. However,  there is simply no such thing as a heater that is ever going to work reliably 100% of the time. Some problems are inevitable. Of course, there are also those problems that can stem from user error,  and it is this type of problem that we’ll be reviewing today.

One of the most common mistakes that homeowners make with their forced air heating systems is simply leaving the air filter in that system for longer than they should. Now, even a very dirty air filter is not going to cause a heater to break down immediately, so it is understandable that it may sometimes be overlooked. The fact is, though, that you are going to suffer a number of problems with your heating in Waukee, IA if you fail to change your air filter as needed.

Why Replace the Filter, and When?

As we mentioned above, it really is completely necessary to schedule routine heating maintenance with skilled, trained professionals. When it comes to preventative measures that you can take on your own,  changing your air filter as needed is definitely right at the top of the list. There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to when you need to change the filter, as there are so many different factors in your home that could influence the frequency necessary.  That being said,  plan on somewhere in the 1-3 month range per filter.

Problems Caused By Very Dirty Air Filters

There are more than you would likely guess. First and foremost, there is the matter of energy efficiency. If your air filter is very dirty, it is going to be harder for your system to distribute air throughout your home. Imagine blowing through a straw, and then cramming the straw wrapper into the bottom of that straw and trying to do the same. It’s going to be a lot more difficult when there is an obstruction in the path of airflow, right?

When your system is forced to work harder, it is going to work less efficiently. That leads to higher heating costs. That is not the only way in which your budget may be affected by the dirty filter, though. Your system can also start to overheat as it struggles to heat your home, and that can lead to short cycling. The system will start up, but then will cycle back down prematurely due to the strain put on it by the dirty filter. Then it starts again. Then stops—you get the picture. It takes more energy to start a system than to keep it running, so this can drive up costs as well.

Plus, all of that strain is going to start to take a toll on the system over time. Heating repair needs will likely become more frequent, and you may even wind up shortening the lifespan of your system. You deserve better than this,  and we’re going to see that you get it. Contact a member of our team if you have any questions about changing the air filter in your home heating system.

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