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Choosing a Furnace: Gas vs. Electric

We’re still a few weeks out from the point at which our heaters will really be needed. That means that now is a great time to install a heater in a new property, or to replace an existing system. Whatever the case may be, we often recommend that homeowners consider the use of a furnace to heat their homes.

Furnaces of all kinds share a few things in common, such as heating air directly and using a system of ductwork in order to distribute that heated air throughout the house. One factor in which they differ, though, is the means by which they heat that air. Most homeowners will find themselves choosing between natural gas or electric furnaces in Des Moines, IA.

Gas or Electric: Which Is Right for Me?

Both gas and electric furnaces, like any other home heating system, have their pros and cons. Generally speaking, natural gas fueled systems are more commonly preferred by homeowners. There are a few reasons for this.

First of all, natural gas is a very versatile resource, and can be used to fuel a water heater, range/oven, clothes dryer, and so on. It is also piped directly to the house, giving it an edge over oil or propane, which must be delivered and stored on site. It is quite clean-burning, for a fossil fuel, and it is also very affordable.

Now, electricity obviously does not need to be delivered, so this point is null when considering gas vs. electricity. When it comes down to the two, price is usually the deciding point. Electric furnaces are actually very efficient, and they won’t lose energy via flue gases. However, the cost of electricity when compared to fuel means that the electric furnace is still generally most expensive to run than a gas furnace would be. An added consideration, though, is that electricity is available just about everywhere, while gas is not necessarily. Plus, not every homeowner will want to pipe gas into his or her home.

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