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Benefits an Electric Furnace Can Offer

Not too long ago, there wasn’t much in the way of choices when it came to installing a furnace in your Des Moines home. Fuel choices were limited mostly to natural gas, although some furnaces could also operate with oil and later, propane. Today, homeowners can choose a furnace that doesn’t heat via combustion by opting for an electric furnace.

How Does an Electric Furnace Work?

Every furnace generates heat, but electric furnaces do so using a component called a heating element. Heating elements are comprised of multiple tightly-wound coils made of metal that are electrified when your thermostat calls for heat. The electricity heats the coils until they are red-hot, and when they generate enough heat, the fan turns on and pushes the warmed air through your ductwork and into your home.

What Are the Benefits of Using an Electric Furnace?

There are a few reasons why a homeowner would want to consider installing an electric furnace:

  • No access to a gas line – while many homes have access to a natural gas line, not all do – but almost all homes can connect to electricity. If your home doesn’t have access to a natural gas line, you may want to consider an electric furnace for heating.
  • No fossil fuels – some homeowners don’t want to use fossil fuels for heating; an electric furnace helps make this possible.
  • Energy efficiency – AFUE ratings for electric furnaces can be as high as 100%; this is because there is no fuel loss due to combustion byproducts.
  • Safety – while combustion furnaces are just as safe as electric furnaces, some people may still have concerns about the combustion byproducts created by a gas furnace and opt for an electric furnace.

Is an electric furnace a good fit for your home in Des Moines? If so, call Schaal Heating and Cooling today and schedule an appointment with one of our installation experts.

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