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Avoid a Heater Breakdown with These 3 Tips

toolsHeaters in Des Moines need to be treated with the care and respect they deserve, particularly because they’re responsible for keeping us warm and toasty through a cold winter! There’s as to no mystery why homeowners get nervous during the fall season leading up to the drop in temperatures. If your heater won’t cut it, there are headaches, cold nights, and expensive prices in your near future.

However, avoiding breakdowns and expensive repairs don’t have to be a hassle. While replacement is something that comes naturally with every heating system, we’re advocates for helping your heater last as long as possible.

Today, we’re going to help you avoid furnace repair in Des Moines, IA by giving you some clear ways to keep your heating system in good condition. No more worrying about whether or not your heater will make it through winter, it’s time to be certain and proactive!

Prevent a Catastrophe

We all know how awful and inconvenient a heater breakdown can be—especially during the winter. When temperatures drop and the world starts to retreat indoors, it can often be an issue of safety and not just comfort. That’s why it’s incredibly important to take good care of your heating system.

Keep Air Vents Clear

If your furnace is chugging away trying to warm the air of your home, it relies on your ventilation system in order to distribute that air throughout your individual rooms. When air vents get obstructed by furniture, boxes, laundry, or other things that can often sit around your home, your system will have trouble reaching the desired temperature on your thermostat and it will run even harder! This consumes more fuel and will increase the chances of your furnace breaking down.

Vents can be blocked by more than just furniture and objects. They should be cleaned of all dust, debris, and hair that can get caught in them. Once this is done, your furnace will operate a lot more efficiently!

Replace Your Air Filter

A furnace with a clogged air filter is much more likely to overheat and breakdown than one that’s been thoroughly attended to. That’s because the air filter is responsible for making sure the air intake that’s sent into your heating system is clean and clear. When the filter gets clogged with dust and debris, it stifles the interior of your heater and causes it to work much harder and consume more fuel. Eventually, it’s almost certain that your system will break down from wear and tear, or overheating. Replace your filter every few months!

Schedule Maintenance

Routine maintenance is the easiest way to make sure your heater doesn’t suffer a surprise breakdown in the winter. That’s because a technician will inspect your system and warn you of any possible repairs coming in the future as well as the current status of your system. They also provide minor fixes when performing maintenance to ensure your heater is up to the task! Give yourself the peace of mind you deserve, schedule maintenance today.

Whether it’s routine maintenance or an emergency repair, we’ve got you covered. Call Schaal Plumbing, Heating and Cooling today!

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