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3 Common Heating Repair Needs

cold-manTemperatures are cooling off more and more as we move further into the fall season, and guess what — winter is not too far off! Before long, we will be firmly entrenched in the coldest time of the year. Is your heating system ready for action, capable of keeping your home warm and reliably heated throughout the toughest weather of the winter season? Investing in great heating equipment and routine heating maintenance is the best way to get ready for the season, but no heater is perfect.

At some point, you are likely going to run into problems of some kind with your home heating system. Whether it seems that your heater is on the verge of a complete breakdown,  or if it is just acting a little strangely, you need to take prompt action. The worst thing that you can do for your heater and for your own comfort is to ignore signs of trouble. Following are examples of 3 common heating repairs in Ankeny, IA.

Strange Sounds

Halloween is recently passed — does it sound as though your heater is still being haunted, though? If so, then you are likely in need of heating repairs. Like most problems that one may encounter with his or her heating system, a heater emitting strange and unusual sounds may be surrering from any one of a number of problems.

Is your heater banging loudly at start up? This could be the result of delayed ignition, meaning that too much fuel is buidling up before combustion takes place.  Is there a continuous clanging commotion from the cabinet? If so, you may have a bent fan blade or a loose component. Screeching could indicate a lack of sufficient lubrication or a warn belt. Let us know if you’re hearing anything out of the usual, and we’ll determine precisely what the problem may be.

Unusual Odors

Sometimes, you smell a strange odor so long that it stops smelling strange. You should never tell yourself that you’ll just get used to a strange odor coming from your heating system, though. If you smell anything strange, contact us immediately.

A brief burning odor coming from the vents when you first fire up a furnace may just be dust burning off of the burner assembly. However,  a persistent burning odor could suggest a much more serious problem, including issues with electrical wiring. If you ever smell the sulfuric odor of natural gas in your home,  whether from  your heater or an appliance, exit the premises and contact the appropriate authorities/utility right away.

Cool Air

Perhaps the most alarming of all heating problems, with the exception of a complete breakdown, is the heater blowing cool air. There are a number of causes of the problem, as you probably guessed by now. It could be an issue with fuel delivery/combustsion. It could be a thermostat malfunction,  or even the result of leaky ducts pulling in cool air from unconditioned spaces in the home. Whatever the case, we’ll get to the bottom of it.

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