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3 Common Furnace Misconceptions

Hey y’all, welcome to another end of the year blog post about heating!

On a serious note, this is the time of year where we get a lot of calls about heaters on the fritz, so we’d like to nip something in the bud. A lot of homeowners call us thinking their heater is doing something that it’s actually not. As your local professionals, we’re going to grant some knowledge to everyone in hopes that we all get better comfort for our homes.

What’s the problem with furnace misconceptions? Well, when it comes to gas furnaces in Altoona, IA, misconceptions could lead you to operate the system in an incorrect way. You could waste gas which is bad for your bills and the environment, and you could neglect a big safety concern that could make things dangerous down the line. We could go on, but just make sure your furnace is backed by a foundation of fact!

#1 Furnaces Are Dangerous

There needs to be a huge addendum added to this point if homeowners are going to keep insisting that a gas furnace is dangerous. They’re not dangerous, but they can be dangerous after years and years of neglect and missed maintenance appointments.

There are many sensitive components of a gas furnace that require regular care from an HVAC professional. Every year that you miss a maintenance appointment or you neglect the necessary repairs that your heater requires, the more dangerous your furnace system can become. However, if your furnace is working perfectly and you’ve been treating it with the care it deserves, then there’s absolutely no reason to think that it’s still dangerous. Just because a system burns gas, doesn’t mean it’s inherently dangerous!

#2 Your Air Filter Is Meant for Your Air Quality

While your heater’s air filter doesn’t hurt your indoor air quality, that’s not it’s main priority. In fact, there are many sensitive components inside your furnace that require air to be clean and free of contaminants in order for them to function without issue. The more contaminants get into your gas furnace, the more likely it is that the burners get dirty, the system starts rumbling and burning more fuel to get the job done, and the worse off you’ll be.

Clean air is always good, no matter why. It might make you feel more comfortable as a biproduct, but clean air also helps make your furnace last longer and run better.

#3 Your Furnace Will Last Forever with Our Help

While we wish this were true, it’s just not. Gas furnaces have a lifespan, unfortunately, and that usually caps out at between 10-15 years. While we can keep it running as long as you want, we can’t avoid the eventual problems that come with old age.

This isn’t a bad thing. Technology gets better year after year, and models that are available at the end of your furnace’s lifespan will be much more efficient and effective than the ones that were available when you first purchased it. Basically, it might be a good idea to start looking into heating replacements if your system is nearing it’s 10-15 year age limit.

How about you call Schaal ya’all? Schaal Plumbing, Heating and Cooling can provide the necessary care your furnace needs to run well.

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