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Heat Pump FAQ: What’s Going on with My Heat Pump?

heat-pumpHeat pumps are an alternative way to heat your home, without the use of air ducts or combustion furnaces. That being said, because they’re constructed as such complex pieces of machinery, their problems can be a little puzzling to a homeowner that isn’t well acquainted with the interior of the system.

For instance, when a gas furnace is having burner trouble, it can be easy for a homeowner to know what’s going on just because of the sound and smell that might come from the system. However, when a heat pump is having problems, the noises, smells, and problems that come from the system don’t always seem obvious from the get-go.

Today we’re going to go over some of the problems that could be coming up with your heat pump and discussing what you can do about them. Sometimes, that solution includes calling us for heat pump repair in Waukee, IA!

Common Heat Pump Problems

We can’t read everyone’s mind, so we’re not going to know exactly what’s wrong with your heat pump. That’s the responsibility of the specific service professional who works with you to find the source of your problem. Though, what we can do is go through the most common issues with a heat pump and try to steer you in the right direction. So, what can you expect?

  • An electrical issue. Is your heat pump just not turning on? Or perhaps its having some other trouble where it turns on and then turns back off again without heating or cooling your home? Heat pumps run on electricity, which means there could be an issue with the circuitry behind the system. Check your circuit breakers in your home to make sure both circuits to the air handler and the heat pump condenser haven’t tripped. Otherwise, contact a technician to see if they can get to the bottom of your electrical distress.
  • The heat pump isn’t cooling or heating. Are you just getting lukewarm air coming from your system when it should be hot or cold? There could be a number of issues behind this. Firstly, you’re going to want to check your thermostat to make sure its set properly, even increasing or decreasing the set temperature by five degrees to see if the heat pump starts working. If this doesn’t help, then you might need a technician to help clean your coils or pinpoint a more sinister issue.
  • No airflow. Did you know that your heat pump has an air filter? If your system isn’t blowing air as strongly as it used to, it could be from the fact that it’s being stifled for air. Locate the air filter in your heat pump return register and replace it accordingly. If this doesn’t work, then there could be something much worse affecting your system.

Basically, you’re not going to get the total care you want unless you call a professional HVAC technician. A heat pump specialist, like one from our team, can pinpoint your problem and make targeted fixes to ensure that your issue doesn’t happen again.

Seek the help of our heat pump specialists at Schaal Plumbing, Heating and Cooling today!

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