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Thinking About a New AC? Have You Thought About Geothermal?

We have not quite edged into the hottest time of the year just yet, but we will be embroiled in summer’s sweaty grasp once more before you know it. If you are hoping to squeeze in an air conditioning installation or replacement in Des Moines, IA before the summer’s heat is upon us, now is the time to get the ball rolling. Despite summer looming in the near future, of course, we must encourage you to take you time in the system selection process. There are a lot of great ACs out there to choose from, including the geothermal system

Why Choose a Geothermal Air Conditioner?

There are quite a few reasons to seriously consider the use of a geothermal cooling system. First of all, you must understand that a geothermal system is a heat pump-based system, which means that you can use this system all year long in order to keep your home comfortable. In the summer, it will take heat out of the air in your home, sinking it into the ground. Because the ground is not as hot as the air outside, dispersing it therein is actually easier and more efficient for the system.

During the winter season, when you are heating your home to keep comfortable, the geothermal system will draw heat out of the ground. This heat is transferred to the refrigerant in the heat pump, which is then compressed in order to further boost thermal energy. Then, that heat is used to heat air for distribution throughout the house. This is an incredibly efficient, and very reliable, way in which to heat one’s home.

When you consider, too, that a geothermal loop has a very long lifespan, and that heat pumps in general last quite a while, it is clear that a geothermal installation is an option well-worth your consideration. Just remember that a geothermal system must be professionally installed by a qualified technician. That’s where we come in.

Let the pros here at Schaal Heating and Cooling handle your geothermal services.

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