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Geothermal Heating: Effective, Comfortable, Efficient

We install and service a number of different heating systems. When it comes to outstanding energy efficiency without sacrificing performance, geothermal is the system we often recommend to homeowners. With a geothermal heating system in Des Moines, IA, you really can cut down on your energy costs without cutting down on your heating output.

If you are not familiar with how geothermal heating works, we’ll explain the process a bit below. Just keep in mind that the only way in which to ensure a great performance from a geothermal heating system is to schedule your geothermal services with skilled, experienced professionals. Our team exemplifies these qualities.

Transfer Heat Out of the Ground

The concern that a lot of homeowners have with heat pump technology is simply that our winter weather is too cold for heat pumps to successfully and efficiently heat their homes. Today’s heat pumps do a much better job of drawing existing heat out of very cold air and using that heat to warm one’s home, but they may still lose some efficiency in doing so. With a geothermal system, though, that isn’t really an issue.

With a geothermal heating system, heat is not drawn out of the cold air. Instead, it is drawn out of the earth, which is a pretty moderate and consistent temperature when you get a few feet down. This eliminates the risk of very cold air temperatures hindering the system’s operation.

A geothermal loop system uses an antifreeze solution to remove heat from the ground in most setups. That fluid then transfers its heat to the refrigerant in the heat pump, which is compressed and its thermal energy used to heat the house. Because heat pump technology is used, you can also use a geothermal system in reverse to cool your home during the summer season.

Let Schaal Heating and Cooling handle your geothermal heating services for great results.



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