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When Should I Schedule Drain Cleaning?

sink-drainWell, when they back up and I can’t drain my sink or tub—duh!

Survey Says: Wrong Answer!

Okay, we suppose that we will give you partial credit there. Sure, you should obviously schedule professional drain cleaning services in Des Moines, IA when your drains back up completely. However, you really should not let your drains get to that point to begin with.

Is preventing that level of clogging always feasible?  No. Can early intervention often prevent that level of clogging? You bet.

Today, we are going to give you some tips on when you should be calling in a professional plumber to clean your drains. Not only that, but we’ll also give you a few tips on preventing clogs to begin with. Heck, we’ll even throw in a couple of practices that you’ll want to avoid, even if you think that you can handle the removal of a clog on your own. So strap in and keep the following information in mind.

Are Your Drains Gurgling and Bubbling?

Do yourself a favor, and listen to your drains. If you start to carry on full, two-sided conversations with your drains, then you’ve probably taken things a bit too far. However, if you hear your drains gurgling and bubbling, then you should heed their advice and have them cleaned out!

Those sounds are the result of air moving around a blockage in your drain. While this blockage may not be big enough to actually block the flow of water through your drain, it will continue to build up to the point of blockage if you fail to have it removed. Make the smart choice, and intervene early.

Are Your Drains Slowing Down?

The next likely level of progression are drains that are actually starting to move slowly. If you notice that you have standing water in your sinks or tub, then you probably have enough a clog to slow the water down on its travels.

It may seem like a minor annoyance, and you may be able to intervene with some boiling water or a homemade cleaning mixture at this point. To be safe, though, we recommend professional cleaning even at this early point.

Skip the Chemical Cleaners and Minimize the Risk of Clogs

By keeping drain covers over your drains, keeping FOG (fat, oil, grease) out of your drains, and cleaning hair/whiskers out of sinks and the tub, you can really cut back on the occurrence of clogs in your plumbing system. That being said, we strongly recommend that you skip the use of chemical drain cleaners when clogs do eventually develop.

It’s tempting in its convenience, but the store-bought chemical cleaner is ultimately very unreliable. Typically, it’s only going to clear enough of a clog to allow itself to pass through the pipe! Plus, they are a far cry from anything that can be accepted as environmentally-friendly. When your drains run into trouble, we’ve got far better and more effective solutions for you.

Schedule your drain cleaning services with Schaal Plumbing, Heating and Cooling.

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