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Can’t I Just Clean My Own Drains?

drain-bubblingIf you ask us, most if not all plumbing services really should be completed by skilled, trained professionals. Of course, we are skilled, trained, professional plumbers, so that is just what you’d expect us to say, isn’t it? Well, we’re not just trying to line our pockets. The fact is that most plumbing services really are beyond the scope of what even a handy homeowner is capable of handling his or herself. Does that cover everything?

No, not necessarily. But you know what it does cover? Effective drain cleaning. And that comes as quite a surprise to a lot of homeowners.  After all, you need only run out to the hardware store to purchase a bottle of drain cleaner, right? And you can even grab a snake while you’re there, if you’re really feeling ambitious. That may be true, but that does not mean that such options can even hold a candle to the results that you’ll enjoy with professional drain cleaning in Des Moines, IA.

What’s Wrong with DIY Drain Cleaning?

Nothing really, provided that you like DIY drain cleaning so much that you’re willing to do it over, and over, and over again. See what we did there? All joking aside, the truth of the matter is that using caustic liquid drain cleaners is not going to give you the lasting results that you want and deserve when it comes to cleaning your drains.

Why not? Because, despite how much they’re selling the “foaming action” or whatever they’re peddling at the moment, chances are that such cleaners are only going to remove enough of a clog to let the rest of the cleaner flow past. That part of the clog left behind, even if it’s relatively small, is going to accumulate more debris fairly rapidly, leading to another fully formed clog in no time.

Now, using a drain snake may be a better option—certainly environmentally—but you’ll run into the same problem. A novice may force a drain snake through a clog, but leave a ring of that clog stuck to the interior surface of the pipe. The result is the same. Your clog will build back up in no time.

What the Pros Do Differently

Well, we cannot speak for everyone, but what our professional plumbers do differently is simply doing the job right, every step of the way! While we may use drain augers and openers in our process, the fact that we have so much experience with these services means that we can determine if a thorough job was done or if just enough was done to give the illusion of a complete cleaning.

We stand by our work, too. We won’t leave your house a mess, and we won’t leave period until the job is truly completed. If you have a single drain moving slowly and you want the problem fixed, or if you are having trouble throughout your home with clogged drains, we are the professionals to call when you want full functionality restored.

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