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3 Tips for Keeping Drains Clear

annoyedIf you are wondering why we bring up clogged drains so frequently, there are a few reasons for doing so.

  1. It’s a very common problem.
  2. It’s a very common problem, often caused, at least in part, by user error.
  3. It’s a very common problem, often caused, at least in part, by user error, which we can help you to avoid!
  4. It’s a very comm—just kidding, we’re done with this part.

Now, we are going to warn you, some of these tips may seem a bit annoying. Not for you, the homeowner or resident of a living space, necessarily, but for the individuals that come to visit your home and who are also using your plumbing system. Ultimately, however, it really is your responsibility to ensure that rules regarding your plumbing system are followed. Giving gentle reminders to guests is a whole lot less annoying than dealing with frequently clogged drains.

And, remember, we’re here when and if you need professional drain cleaning in Des Moines, IA.

Use Drain Traps: It’s Just That Simple!

What’s the best way to keep bits and scraps of food from clogging up the drains in your plumbing system? Or hair that comes loose in the shower from doing so? Well, by keeping those materials out of the drains in the first place. That may sound very simple, but it is not an oversimplification! Sometimes the right answer is the simplest answer.

You can buy these little drain traps at any hardware store. Heck, you can probably find them hanging in an aisle in most grocery stores. It’ll be the best few dollars you’ve spent on your plumbing system in some time. Even if you’re careful to clean plates and pots and to brush your hair before showering—and too few of us really are—these can make all the difference.

Flush Only Toilet Paper

We’re not going to get into the list of things that you should not flush. Suffice to say that, aside from actual waste, the only thing that should go down the toilet is the toilet paper that you’ve used. Yes, this includes any sanitary product, yes, including the baby wipes that advertise themselves as biodegradable and/or flushable.

Keep a trash can right next to the bathroom. Remind any visitors with young children that the trash can is there for baby wipes and other materials. Get past any sense of embarrassment that doing so may give you. It is far better to quickly remind your guests about this than to be hesitant about having guests over due to a bad plumbing experience that one time.

Use Your Garbage Disposal Appropriately

Have guests over that want to help clean up after dinner? Make sure that they know the dos and don’ts of using a garbage disposal. Is this a highly complex device? Maybe not. But that does not mean that everyone knows how to use it properly.

By keeping the proper use of your garbage disposal in mind, you’re not going to think that it’s okay, even once or twice, to pour liquid fats down that drain. Your garbage disposal won’t do anything to process this liquid fat, and it will wind up clogging your drains. Same for rice, pasta, and other foods that can swell as they absorb water.

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