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Why Opt for Ductless Cooling?

ductless-blower-and-remoteHomeowners today do not lack for options when it comes to the way in which they choose to cool their homes. This is a good thing, but the sheer number of options can also prove a bit overwhelming for homeowners. If you are ready to replace your air conditioner due to a breakdown, or if you think this is the curtain call for an existing system and are looking forward to replacing it in the fall, keep ductless mini split systems in mind.

Ductless air conditioning systems have much to offer homeowners, and much to recommend them. While a ductless mini split may not be right for every home or every homeowner — no system is — they can benefit certain homes and homeowners in many different ways. Keep the following information in mind, and let us know if you are ready to start using a ductless air conditioner in Des Moines, IL.

Choose Efficiency. Choose Versatility. Choose Comfort.

Most homeowners are using either a heater or an air conditioner — or both — with air ducts in order to keep their homes comfortable at different points in the year. There is nothing wrong with doing so, obviously — provided that the ductwork in question is properly installed, designed, and maintained. You see where this is going, we’re sure: too often, this is just not the case.

One of the primary issues with air ducts is the fact that leaky ductwork just wastes so much energy. In fact, up to 30% of the air traveling through that system — air that you’ve paid to condition — can be lost via ductwork. Now, it won’t be a total loss, as the air won’t just disappear into, well, thin air. However, it can wind up in places where it’s not needed, like in the attic or passing through the walls in your home. By eliminating the need for air ducts, you eliminate the risk of such energy loss.

Plus, you eliminate the need to maintain the same temperature throughout your entire home. You don’t turn on every light in your house with the flip of one switch, do you? Of course not! Then why settle for heating or cooling your whole house to just one temperature throughout? With a ductless mini split, you don’t have to. Each individual blower unit installed throughout the house is regulated by its own thermostat.

Did we mention that you can heat your home with the very same system that you use to cool it when you opt for a ductless mini split? It may sound too good to be true, but we are not pulling your leg. Ductless mini splits come in cooling-only systems, but most homeowners opt for the much more popular heat pump model. That means that you can use the system to transfer ambient heat from the air outside back into your home during the winter season. This is an incredibly efficient and convenient way to heat your living space.

If you do decide that going ductless is the right choice for your home, be sure to give a member of our team a call. We want to make sure that you get the most from your ductless cooling system. Only when it is expertly sized and installed will this be the case.

Schaal Heating and Cooling is here for your home comfort needs.

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