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Why Is My Air Conditioner Running in Short Bursts?

Using a central air conditioner that is properly installed in your home, routinely maintained, and repaired promptly when necessary generally means that you’ll be able to enjoy a great performance from your home cooling system. Problems do develop, though, that aforementioned habit of having your system repaired promptly is a must if you want to limit the extent of any damage to your system. An AC that is cycling on and off quickly, running only in short bursts, is a sure sign of trouble. If you notice that your AC in Des Moines, IA is afflicted in this way, dial our number for service immediately.

This issue is called “short cycling,” and there are a few potential causes. They vary in terms of severity, and it is important that you have the problem diagnosed correctly. You can probably expect to hear something along the lines of the following.

The Good News

Congratulations, you’ve got a very dirty air filter! Okay, so failure to keep clean air filters in your HVAC system is certainly not something that we’d actually congratulate you about. It is something of a best case scenario in this situation, though. You need only replace or clean the filter(s) in question — and be more diligent in doing so regularly — in order to reduce the airflow resistance that can cause short cycling.

The Mediocre News

Not every situation is so simple to resolve, unfortunately. You may have a malfunctioning thermostat, a bad run capacitor, or even refrigerant leaks in your system if it is short cycling. Any one of these issues can generally be resolved with professional AC repairs. While you may not be excited to pay for that service, it beats the next alternative.

The Bad News

If your air conditioner is too big for your home, it can actually bring temperatures down to quickly. When this happens, the system will short cycle. If you’re wondering what sort of repair can resolve this problem, well: there is none. A system replacement will be necessary in order to enjoy the efficient and reliable cooling performance that you deserve.

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