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What Goes On During an AC Tune-Up?

You should be able to cool your home efficiently, effectively, and reliably. As we’ve told you before, you really must schedule routine air conditioning maintenance if you want this to be the case. There is just no way that you can expect your air conditioning system to function at peak performance and efficiency levels if you do not have it tuned up on a regular basis by a trained professional. That is why we strongly recommend that you dial our number today to schedule routine air conditioning maintenance in Des Moines, IA, if you have not done so already. What exactly do we do when tuning up your system? Read on to learn more.

If you think that air conditioning maintenance is as simple as changing out the filter and clearing off your outdoor unit, think again. The fact of the matter is that your air conditioning maintenance services must be completed by a skilled, trained professional. There is no other way in which you can hope for the very involved process to be handled properly.

  • Your refrigerant levels need to be checked, as low levels indicate a leak.
  • Your blower assembly must be cleaned and adjusted, so that you can distribute conditioned air throughout your home effectively.
  • Your thermostat settings and the device itself must be checked/inspected, so that you can regulate your system successfully.
  • Your evaporator and condenser coils must be cleaned, so that your system can effectively remove heat from the air in your home and disperse it outdoors.
  • Your condensate drain line must be inspected and cleared, if necessary, so that you don’t run the risk of water damage in your home.

This is just a sampling of all that goes into a professional AC tune-up. If you have any further questions, we suggest giving us a call. We are happy to help you to cool your home successfully this summer.

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