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What Can Air Conditioning Maintenance Do for You?

condenser-unitIn this day and age, when it seems like there is someone trying to sell you something everywhere you go, it makes sense to exercise some level of caution when making investments and buying into different programs. One investment that is without a doubt worth your money is routine air conditioning maintenance. And our Schaal Priority Maintenance Agreement and Guarantees are definitely worth your consideration! More on that below. We want to get right to the heart of the matter of maintenance first.

Before we even dive into the issue of routine maintenance and its various benefits, however, we want to get this out of the way—you need to work with a reputable HVAC company in Ankeny, IA, if you want to get the most from your maintenance service and agreement. Routine HVAC maintenance is not a job that you can handle on your own, and it is not one that every service company excels in. When you work with the professionals on our team, though, you can count on a job well done every time, every step of the way. And now, onto those benefits!

Is Maintenance Really Worth It?

Yes, it is. And here’s why!

  1. You save energy, and that means saving money. A poorly maintained air conditioning system just is not going to provide you with the efficient performance that you deserve. This applies to air conditioners of all efficiency levels, too. Will routine maintenance somehow make your air conditioner more efficient than it is rated for? No, it cannot do that. What it can do, however, is ensure that your air conditioning system continues to function as close to its own peak efficiency level as possible. Don’t overpay for comfort in your home.
  2. You get a more reliable performance from your system. Keeping your system working as energy efficiently as possible is obviously going to help you save some money. However, that is far from the only way in which routine air conditioning maintenance can do so! Regular maintenance also greatly reduces the risk of running into operational problems with your home cooling system. That means that you’ll be paying for repairs less frequently, and they’ll probably be less substantial repairs, too!
  3. Your system lasts longer. An air conditioning system is a major investment for homeowners. As is the case with any other investment, you want to get the greatest return possible on this one. That’s not going to be the case if you fail to take care of your system and wind up needing to replace it earlier than you should have to. The good news is that scheduling routine air conditioning maintenance and enrolling in our service agreement will help your system to last as long as possible.

Can’t I Handle the Job Myself?

No! If you think that air conditioning maintenance is a DIY-appropriate job, then think again! There is much more to the service than you may realize. You can and should be changing your air filter as needed, and you can do your part to keep your outdoor unit clean and free of debris. When the time comes for annual air conditioning maintenance, though, it’s time to call in the pros.

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