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Some Air Conditioning Sounds to Listen For

Even the quietest air conditioning systems on the market are going to make some noise. That doesn’t mean that you can downplay any strange or excessively loud sounds that your air conditioner may make, though. If your system is much noisier than usual, or if it’s making sounds that you’ve never heard before, contact us right away. These noises could actually be indicative of the need for air conditioning repairs in Des Moines, IA.

It is easy to ignore signs of trouble when our air conditioners are still up and running. If you hear any of the following sounds, though, your AC’s time of  running properly may be coming to a close. Keep your ears open for:

  • Banging: This is probably the most noticeable sound that your air conditioner may make that is cause for concern. If you hear banging coming from your home cooling system, you may have an issue with a bent fan blade, forcing it into contact with the casing of the AC unit. You could also have a component that has worked loose in the system, though. This not only puts the component itself at risk, but also those that it is banging into.
  • Hissing: Feel free to check for snakes if it will put your mind at ease, but remember that a hissing sound near the outdoor unit of your air conditioner can actually be the result of refrigerant leaks. This can lead to serious operational problems, as well as reduced comfort and increased cooling costs. If you hear hissing in your home, you may have leaky ductwork putting energy to waste.
  • Clicking: This is likely the result of an electrical problem in your system. If you have relay issues, or a capacitor that is on the brink of failure, you really want to have the situation resolved as soon as possible. Once electrical problems begin to adversely affect your system, the situation can really snowball.

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