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Problems Caused By Dirty AC Filters

changing-air-filterWe discussed how important it is to keep a fresh air filter in a forced air heating system a few months back. Because changing the air filter in a forced air system is one of the most important steps that homeowners can handle themselves in terms of system maintenance, we want to use today’s post to discuss how doing so can benefit your central AC system, too. Summer is upon us, and you should take any available measures to get the most from your AC.

Changing the air filter is quite simple—in most systems, there will even be arrows or other markings to match up with the filter which will show you how to face it! Just because it is simple and just because replacement filters of this kind are cheap does not mean that changing the air filter is any less vital, though. Sometimes, those “minor” steps can really be deceiving in terms of importance. So here’s how a dirty filter can compromise your air conditioning in Ankeny, IA.

Watch Those Energy Bills Soar

Wouldn’t it be great to cool your home with an air conditioner capable of doing so entirely free of cost? Sure it would. We’d also love to be zipping around on those jetpacks that we were all promised would be coming our way, but we’re still waiting on those, as well. For now, you’ll have to accept that air conditioning comes at a price.

That does not mean that you should be content with paying too much to cool your home, though. That’s precisely what you’ll be doing should you leave a dirty air filter in your system. This creates more airflow resistance than normal, causing your system to use more energy in its efforts to keep you cool.

Feel Performance Decline

If the compressor starts up and the fans are blowing, you may assume that your air conditioner is doing just fine. This isn’t the case, unfortunately. A dirty air filter is going to cause a decline in overall performance quality, even if you don’t notice it right away.

The evaporator coil will have a tougher time of removing heat from the air due to that reduced airflow we mentioned. That can cause it to ice up, as condensation that’s collected on it freezes over. Then it is only harder for the system to cool the air, as this ice generates an insulating barrier, and performance drops off even more.

Yes, Damages Are Coming Your Way

That added strain put on your air conditioner by the dirty filter and the related issues will take a toll over time. The system can overheat, leading it to short cycle. This creates even more wear and tear.

While leaving the filter in too long won’t necessarily lead to a prompt breakdown, the gradual development of problems such as these is definitely something to keep in mind—particularly considering how easy the issues are to avoid!

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