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It’s Time for AC Maintenance!


Springtime signals two things, the warming of the weather and the need for air conditioner maintenance! While we don’t want to be obnoxious in recommending springtime maintenance, we’re hoping we won’t be when we tell you about some of the best benefits that can come from it.

No, maintenance is not the optional service that misinformed homeowners might tell you it is, it’s a vital service that can extend the lifespan of your AC unit while keeping your repair expenses under control. AC maintenance in Des Moines, IA can be a window into savings, peace of mind, and allowing your air conditioner to run at peak efficiency. So, let us talk about how particularly AC maintenance can help and why it’s so important to have it done in the springtime.

The Benefits of Maintenance

While it might sound like a good idea to get springtime maintenance, you probably aren’t totally convinced. Don’t worry, we’re guessing that once we’ve told you about what you can expect to gain from such a service, you’ll be as on-board as we are!

  • Extended lifespan. Air conditioners are supposed to last between 10 and 15 years. What contractors often miss telling their customers, is that this lifespan is usually only manageable if your system has been properly maintained in that timeframe. An air conditioner that has not had routine maintenance performed is much less likely to reach the 10-year lifespan, let alone a 15-year lifespan full of energy-efficiency and effective usage. Maintenance ensures a stable, full lifespan for as long as possible.
  • Minor adjustments. Service professionals don’t just inspect your system when they perform maintenance, they also make small tweaks and adjustments that will increase efficiency and effectiveness in your system. From lubricating ball bearings to tightening screws, a professional technician can seriously up the ante of your cooling system.
  • Lower bills. Increased cooling bills from an aging AC system shouldn’t be a surprise. As air conditioners spend time and consume energy cooling your home, they require some care and attention in order to remain efficient. This will inevitably lower the cost of your cooling bills and keep your home running at peak performance.
  • Peace of mind. When you sign up for AC maintenance, you’re also getting the opportunity to have a professional technician give you the green light for another season of great cooling. Running an air conditioner without maintenance isn’t necessarily risky, but you don’t know for sure if there’s anything wrong with it underneath the hood. A professional HVAC technician with a maintenance checklist will tell you exactly what the condition of your AC system is.

Sign Up Today

No, these aren’t exaggerated points to get you to sign up for a service you don’t need. Maintenance offers real benefits at a great price that can be worked out properly with the right contractor. Don’t leave your AC to run for years straight without maintenance, give our team a call and make sure your system is in peak condition for the summer ahead!

Call the team at Schaal Plumbing, Heating and Cooling to have quality maintenance performed today!

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