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Is Your Air Conditioner Going to Succeed This Summer?

AC-technician-workingIt’s a thought that you may not really want to explore: What if my air conditioner does not make it through the summer season? Let us make it clear right off the bat, though. It is definitely in your best interest, should this concern arise, to consider it very carefully. Can we replace your air conditioner for you in the middle of the summer following a breakdown? Well yes, of course. Is it much, much more convenient for you to have it replaced before things devolve to that level?


Your air conditioner is most likely to give out on you just when you need it most, and when it is working its hardest. This is likely to be at a very hot point in the year, when your HVAC contractor in Ankeny, IA, is quite busy. Don’t risk discomfort while you wait for an available technician to remove your old system and get a new one in place. Consider the following, and let us know if you think it’s time to get a new AC installed.

Yes, You Should Consider Your System’s Age

But maybe not as harshly as you’re inclined to. If your system is quite old, perhaps near the end of expected service life, but it has had minimal problems and is cooling your home just fine, then you don’t really need to replace it. Age itself is not the determining factor here. In fact, most systems will live past their projected service life, so long as they are expertly installed, properly maintained, and, when necessary, repaired in a timely fashion.

So how should you think about age? Use it as a contributing factor when put into relation with other consideration points. For instance, overall energy efficiency.

Let’s Talk Efficiency

Considering just how hot things can get around here, it goes without saying that you’ll be running your AC quite regularly over the course of the summer season. That comes at a cost. That being said, you should not be paying an arm and a leg just to keep your home cool and comfortable during the hottest time of the year.

If your system is not working as efficiently as it once did, and you’ve had a lapse in maintenance, have it tuned up and see what you’re working with in terms of efficiency. If it’s been regularly maintained but is very old and time has taken its toll on overall efficiency, then consider replacing it with a more efficient model. And, keep in mind the fact that the system may simply have a lower efficiency rating than is standard these days. If that’s the case, replacement is the only way to boost that level.

Don’t Forget Reliability

We have a lot of incredibly skilled air conditioning technicians on our team. They can fix ACs that are really struggling. This doesn’t mean that AC repair is always your best option, though. Eventually, it just doesn’t make sense to continue repairing an air conditioner. If your system just is not reliable, then a replacement may make more financial sense.

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